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8th December 2017, Obertshausen

Karl Mayer launches Vietnam workshop

Vietnam’s textile and clothing companies are currently being upgraded. Last year, the Ministry of Industry and Trade presented the government with a general restructuring plan, which includes a number of objectives, such as closure of fibre- and textile-producing companies working with out-dated technology, and increasing the productivity of the Vietnamese textiles industry.

To support this modernisation and expansion process, Karl Mayer Workshop Vietnam has officially launched with Grand Opening Ceremony last month, following nine months of sufficient preparation.

The day of opening ceremony. © Karl Mayer

On the day of opening ceremony, representative from Illies, Kuna Robert and Wu Chun Yan, the trainers, who are providing courses for Vietnam Workshop from Karl Mayer, and Eddy Ho, Sales Manager of Karl Mayer Hong Kong, welcomed the participants of the first phase of workshop.

The visitors – customers from Hanoi and Ho-Chi-Minh-City – attended the premiere event held from 13-17 November, followed by a second one, held the following week. Each of them took place in Ho-Chi-Minh-City and was attended by six participants.

Trainees of Karl Mayer Workshop Vietnam will be attending a one-week WKB training course. © Karl Mayer

Trainees of Karl Mayer Workshop Vietnam will be attending a one-week WKB training course, including machines theory, study of warp knitted fabric constructions, textile calculations and practical works on training machines. In addition, Karl Mayer Workshop Vietnam will offer additional course of Machine Maintenance Introduction and Article Change.

“Karl Mayer is devoting to expand the Southeast Asian market, so more and more Vietnamese manufacturers purchase Karl Mayer warp knitting machines. In order to meet the current market demand, Karl Mayer will provide more product-related learning courses to help customers getting familiar with the theory and operation of Karl Mayer machine,” the company explains.


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  • Tai Huynh 18th December 2017 4:05AM

    Thanks Karl Mayer , now Vietnamese can enhance diversification of Karl Mayer machines.


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