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25th November 2014, Sydney

Online shop to make Merino wool more discoverable

The Woolmark Company has launched an e-commerce marketplace on its consumer-facing website, merino.com, aiming to make Merino wool products more discoverable for consumers worldwide.

Called Merino Shop, this online tool is powered by ShopStyle and allows consumers to browse the world's finest wool clothing and accessories. This website was designed and developed by global digital marketing agency Lowe Profero.

Recently redeveloped, The Woolmark Company's Merino.com website aims to increase consumer engagement. © The Woolmark Company

Merino.com is our primary channel for educating consumers on the benefits of Merino wool through highly engaging content,” explained Rob Langtry, The Woolmark Company Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer.

Digital presence

As an ingredient brand, the Woolmark brand aims to communicate the story of Merino wool and take consumers on the journey from farm to fashion. Thanks to Merino Shop consumers are now able to link the products they buy back to the story behind each product, adding integrity and authenticity to their purchased goods.

Merino Shop also allows tens of thousands of Australian woolgrowers to explore the diverse range of products created from the fibre they cultivate.

“The past two years has seen our digital presence significantly grow and our key campaigns are increasingly moving to a digital basis. Whilst currently we are about 60:40 digital:traditional, within the next three years we are likely to shift towards 90:10,” said Langtry.


Recently redeveloped, The Woolmark Company's Merino.com website aims to increase consumer engagement and provide a central marketing channel for the fibre, its products and its brand image.

Merino.com is an engaging online destination that explores the use of Merino wool, from fleece to fashion. Told through the perspective of the leading fashion designers and brands, and the clothes they create, it is a place for consumers to learn about the true substance of the finest wool.

The Woolmark Company

The Woolmark is the world's best known textile fibre brand, established in 1964, owned by Australian Wool Innovation (AWI), a not-for-profit company owned by more than 25,000 woolgrowers.

AWI's vision is to be a significant contributor to a vibrant, stable and profitable wool industry providing consumers with the best natural fibre. The company’s mission is to enhance the profitability, international competitiveness and sustainability of the Australian wool industry; and increase demand and market access for Australian wool.


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