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ThreadSol to organise seminar in Bangladesh

The discussion will include issues of material costs and flexibility with respect to the garment industry.

22nd August 2017

Knitting Industry
 |  Singapore

Knitted Outerwear

Apparel Tech-Up is a technology seminar organised by ThreadSol in which leading garment manufacturers, technocrats and top technology providers explore a range of pivotal subjects that can be set to impact the future of garment manufacturing all over the world.

Constant change

“The discussions will be primarily about the ideas by which the garment industry can find its footing in a landscape of constant change, driven by technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Big Data,” the company explains.

“With the advent of Industry 4.0, technology can be identified as latest mechanism of automation and data exchange in manufacturing. Factories in Bangladesh need automation and data analytics more than ever to increase productivity and reduce costs. There is a strong need of technological advancement in this sector which will enhance vertical integration of all the layers in the apparel-manufacturing sector,” said Manasij Ganguli, CEO and co-founder at ThreadSol.

Material costs

The discussion will also include issues of material costs and flexibility with respect to the garment industry, along with practical approaches for designing and building intelligent enterprises to handle the enormous garment industry of Bangladesh.

“In this highly competitive environment, factories are always striving to make a difference that will attract international buyers. Garment factories in Asia have made impressive progress in increasing their industries’ productivity. Under this scenario, concepts like Artificial Intelligence and Big Data can provide an extra edge to the firms over their competitors. Also, to keep the material and labour costs low, technology can play a vital role in automating the processes wherever possible,” commented Anas Shakil, Senior Partner – Global Sales, ThreadSol.

ThreadSol was established in 2012 and now has offices in Delhi, Bangalore, Jakarta, Colombo, Istanbul, Ho Chi Minh City and Dhaka. It serves more than 120 customers in 15 geographies. ThreadSol solutions – intelloCut and intelloBuy – are currently used by manufacturers in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, Philippines and China.

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