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22nd June 2009, Buhler

Eschler collection utilizes innovative technologies

The summer 2011, collection highlights of Swiss knit fabric manufacturer Eschler include three highly functional fabrics integrating innovative technologies. Eschler has introduced a new ‘Layer One’ quality from 100% recycled polyester incorporating an antimicrobial technology. The Swiss brand also presents two extremely high-tech knits utilizing Schoeller’s revolutionary coldblack technology, which reduces heat absorbency in dark coloured textiles and guarantees a high level of UV-protection.

Eschler sportswear fabrics are segmented in the eschler comfort system (ecs), a complementary layering principle with the categories e1, e2 and e3/e3+. For its summer 2011 collection, the company focused on sustainability and state-of-the-art technology.

e1 PCR Bioactive

Eschler was one of the first textile companies that became a bluesign system partner and thus committed itself to an environmentally friendly production cycle and the PCR Bioactive fabric underlines the brand’s dedication to sustainability. The ‘New Life’ yarns are made of 100% PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) Polyester and in this case, PET bottles. Eschler says they have a very soft touch, great elasticity and good moisture management. PCR Bioactive also features silver ions incorporated in the polymer of the fibres, which inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria. This makes it the perfect fabric for functional underwear, technical shirts, as well as performance garments for high aerobic activities, Eschler says.

e1 SWAN coldblack

e1 SWAN coldblack is a technical knit with a unique dimple structured  or ‘golf ball’ surface creating good aerodynamic properties. This material is already used in competition sports clothing from the suits of pro short track runners to bike and triathlon apparel, the company says.

Now, Eschler is offering SWAN with coldblack technology by Schoeller. The bluesign approved finishing allows dark textiles to no longer absorb, but reflect heat and coldblack therefore reduces heat build-up and additionally provides reliable protection from UV-rays.

e3 Flash coldblack

Eschler says that e3 Flash does not only ‘dry in a flash’, it is a double layer knit with polyester on the inside and polyamide on the outside, which delivers outstanding moisture management and excellent cooling properties. The polyamide outer material further guarantees high abrasion resistance. Eschler has also added Lycra Power for elasticity and compression and integrates carbon fibres, which, according to the independent Swiss institute EMPA, improves the garments thermal regulation. For even more high tech, the fabrics now also utilize coldblack technology for UV protection and effective heat reduction.

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