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Eurojersey launches new sustainability campaign

The new campaign uses a photo shoot by Tino Vacca to narrate what goes on in the printing department.

14th July 2017

Knitting Industry
 |  Milan

Knitted Outerwear, Sports/​Activewear, Swimwear/​Beachwear

The company has always aimed at achieving a significant reduction in the emissions released into the atmosphere, cutting down water consumption, and minimising the environmental impact of the colorants used in fabric dyeing and printing processes.

“The production chain is effectively controlled through the adoption of a vertically integrated model encompassing each and every production stage, from knitting and dyeing to finishing and printing, while the excellence of 100% Italian-made fabrics is ensured by painstaking quality control,” the company explains.

The new campaign uses a photo shoot by Tino Vacca to narrate what goes on in the printing department. “Equipped with leading-edge equipment, it uses exclusive technologies combining a multiplicity of factors: from the creativity arising from unmatched levels of precision and definition to appreciable water and energy savings and extreme emission control,” the manufacturer reports.

“A competitive edge is provided by Ecoprint, an innovative technique making for a reduction of up to 60% in water consumption and CO2 emissions, while using 30% less energy than traditional printing methods. This highly sustainable technique uses a pigment that can create the design directly on the fabric, doing away with the washing and vaporizing processes.”

Eurojersey was among the first Italian companies to be granted the Product Environmental Declaration (PED) and the Carbon Footprint Declaration, based on a careful assessment of the environmental impact of its Sensitive Fabrics. The Oeko-Tex 100 Certificates attest the safety of Eurojersey's product in that they do not release a long list of chemical substances that are harmful to people's health.

With its new Sustainability Has Wonderful Shades campaign, Eurojersey undertakes to reconcile sustainability with the quality and performance features of its Sensitive Fabrics. “A goal that adds value to the production process, the customers, the end users: each garment made from Sensitive Fabrics has a longer than average lifecycle, ensures better performance and has minimal maintenance requirements, making for money savings for the users and a greatly reduced impact on the environment,” the company concludes.

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