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13th February 2009, Paris

Eurojersey launches ultra fine fabrics but puts further investment on hold


Italian warp knitter Eurojersey has launched Sensitive Touch, a new extra fine gauge range of ‘next to skin’ silk like fabrics based on its Sensitive technology for stretch fabrics here at Premiere Vision. Sensitive is a unique system of patented, ‘made in Italy’ fabrics with a high Lycra content available until now in a range of hands and weights from 117gsm to 350gsm. The new Sensitive Touch, which is knitted on 36 gauge tricot machines, weighs in at only 89 gsm with 28% Lycra.

A spokesperson for Eurojersey told KnittingIndustry.com that although the company could see a bright future for its extra fine Sensitive Touch fabrics, it was anticipating a general downturn in business in the next six months due to the global economic recession and this has meant that the company has had to temporarily shelve its plans for investing in more fine gauge machinery. Eurojersey has recently installed six new 36 gauge (needles per inch) two bar Karl Mayer machines fitted with carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP)needle bar and guide bars.

The spokesperson was unable to comment on exactly which model of Karl Mayer machine the company had invested in but KnittingIndustry.com believes that they are HKS 2-3E models, which are designed for high speed elastic fabric production in fine gauges. The knitting motion of the HKS 2-3E and the knitting elements are designed for the production of elastic fabrics the concept sets new standards in terms of production speeds and fabric qualities.

An important feature of the HKS 2-3 E is the fact that the rear ground guide bar is exclusively intended for elastane processing. Being equipped with an extra-fine compound needle system and specially designed knitting elements, the machine ensures the production of fabrics with uniform loop appearance which is critical for Eurojersey. High fabric quality is also made possible by specially designed fabric take-up and batching devices. As an optional extra, it is also possible to fit the HKS 2-3E with Karl Mayer’s ESS elastane security system which prevents the jumping back of the elastane yarns and Karl Mayer recommends ESS for the processing of fine elastane yarns and fine gauge machines.

Eurojersey says that with its lightness, extreme fineness and outstanding stretch characteristics, Sensitive Touch will set new standards creating a new ‘Hi-Tech-Silk’ fabric. The company’s on going investment in R&D has led to the adaptation of its Sensitive patented structure to manufacturing microfiber on advanced fine gauge machinery. The result is an extremely thin, light weight fabric with a smooth elegant feel.

Describing Sensitive Touch, Eurojersey says: “Thanks to its gossamer feel and perfect stretch qualities, Sensitive Touch offers sensations of pleasure and well being that make this fabric ideal for elegant, super-light garments worn next to the skin.” And adds: “Dynamic, modern and high-performance, Sensitive Touch offers a wide range of uses in a variety of clothing, from the lightest, most refines intimate wear to flowing, sensuous lingerie, elegant feminine tops and lining for swimwear with a delicate touch against the skin.”

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