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24th February 2016, Milan

Eurojersey presents new activewear S/S 17 collection at ISPO Beijing 2016

Eurojersey, the leader in technical sports fabrics, will present its new activewear collection for the Spring/Summer 2017 season at the ISPO Beijing trade fair that takes place from 24-27 February.

Together with the new collection, the company is also presenting its Empower Yourself monograph dedicated to premium fabrics and technology for different sports activities.

Women's turtle neck top + skirt. © Eurojersey

The new tool shows the different dimensions of movement, sports and well being. It addresses CARDIO, with training activities and outdoor competition, from running to cycling; STUDIO, with indoor disciplines like yoga, dance and Pilates; and LIFESTYLE, combining golf and urban life.

Activewear collection

The company presents a series of key pieces created by two sports manufacturers leaders like C.I.A. and NTT, using Sensitive Fabrics. Outfits aim to express the potential of the new technologies developed by Eurojersey for the different worlds of sports, covering CARDIO, STUDIO and LIFESTYLE topics.

C.I.A. is specialised in research and development for high competition gear. Mirella Becucci's company collaborates with sports doctors to identify the technological requirements that best satisfy athletes' anatomical and physiological needs.

Women's Top + leggings. © Eurojersey

NTT uses its innovative patented technology SensELAST to give fabrics maximum comfort and dynamism. As a result, items produced are said to be ideal for the CARDIO purposes, with sophisticated body mapping, engineered for putting different pressure on specific muscle masses to enhance beyond-the-limit performance.

Women's turtle neck top + skirt

On the back and beneath the breasts, special fabric inserts are said to create elegant contrasting, improving support and comfort. The porthole opening on the back is designed to increase possibility of movement and give greater breathability.

The skirt is soft and feminine, with a flared effect. The high belt with laser cut-outs at hip height was also inspired by tailored corsetry.  Elegant, flat, three-needle stitching outline the silhouette and give a 3D movement to the colours and lines. 

Women's top + leggings

Studied for medium impact activity, the top is made to give complete, absolute comfort and freedom of movement. An ergonomic fit with supporting panelling under the breasts is said to be achieved with bonding technology.

Men's Long Sleeved Compression top + leggings. © Eurojersey

The leggings have a highly technical, trendy printing content inspired by extreme sportswear. They feature a silicone belt, encompassing and soft, as a fashionable, functional accessory. Contrasting panels at the back and inserts using bonding technology model the legs and facilitate stretching and extending motions.

Men's long sleeved compression top

Bands printed with SensELAST Velvet, are smooth and uniform thanks to the ultrasound welding and adhesive taping. Outlines are done with reflecting film to highlight the bands and taping. Highly breathable perforated fabric panels are inlaid on the back with laser cut technology, with a perfectly flat effect.  Sleeves are made with a double layer of fabric with SensELAST Bond welding.

Men's compression tights

Men’s compression tights feature high definition body mapping with SensELAST Velvet, printed bands, ultrasound welded with adhesive taping for a homogeneous surface that closely follows the body's line.

Women's long sleeved cropped support top + compression tights. © Eurojersey

Differentiated areas around the knees are designed to ease flexing movement. Tape-welded belt is completely integrated with perforated fabric and SensELAST Skin printing for an impeccable hold and support.

Women's long sleeved cropped support top

Super ergonomic crop top features ultrasound welded bands and welded tape neckline. Top is in double layer fabric with special Pinbond treatment for support and elasticity. A sophisticated modelling technology makes the design more encompassing. The inside is printed with the SensELAST Dispense. Sleeves are printed with SensELAST Velvet technology.

Women's compression tights

Women’s compression tights are printed with SensELAST Velvet technology for extreme body mapping. Inserts in breathable perforated fabric behind the knees and contrasting colours in the front, are said to give maximum freedom of movement and bending.


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