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2nd April 2015, Milan

Eurojersey reproduces lace designs on its Sensitive Fabrics

Eurojersey, the leading Italian textile company, has developed a new printing technology to produce feminine lace designs on its Sensitive Fabrics.

The innovative 3D printing technique is said to enable the capture and reproduction of precious lace and embroidery directly on Sensitive Fabrics, creating the optical illusion of a decorative element with photo effect.

Creating optical illusion

Extremely high resolution and maximum precision to actual design are achieved thanks to the ultra-flat surface of Sensitive Fabrics, which is said to allow a three-dimensional reproduction of the lace on the fabric in every detail and depth.

Antique Chantilly lace, tricot and macramé become digital images can be reproduced. © Eurojersey

Antique Chantilly lace, tricot and macramé become digital images that can be reproduced, placed and coloured on Sensitive Fabrics. A sexy and elegant look with plays of transparency and refined details is combined with the advantages of a fabric that clings to the body like a second skin.

Sensitive Fabrics

Sensitive Fabrics represent an innovative, unique technology patented by Eurojersey. The exclusive knitted combination of polyamide microfibre and Lycra elastomer forms a fabrics’ range that is said to offer extraordinary performance ideal for numerous applications in the underwear, swimwear, sportswear and clothing sectors.

Available in both solid colours and prints, Sensitive Fabrics allow reproducing of any type of pattern or design.


Eurojersey, founded in 1960, is a reference point in the sector of Italian-made warp knit fabrics, thanks to its patented range called Sensitive Fabrics.

With an annual production capacity of 15 million metres of fabric, the company has a unique vertical production plant in Europe, with a team of 197 people.


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