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Eurojersey to launch new Sensitive Fabrics swimwear collection at Mare Di Moda

The palette includes cold and iridescent sea colours, sunset colours, warm, darkened earthly tones, and bright energetic floral and fruit colours.

8th October 2015

Knitting Industry
 |  Milan

Swimwear/​Beachwear, Collections, Colours/​Trends

Italian knitted fabrics producer Eurojersey will present the Sensitive Fabrics swimwear collection for summer 2017 at the upcoming Mare Di Moda exhibition that will be held in Cannes next month. The collection was influenced by the Earth’s colours, as seen from space, with its thousands vibrations and different shades, the company reports.

The palette includes cold and iridescent sea colours with foaming waves, sunset colours where the sea and sky merge, warm, darkened earthly tones, and bright energetic floral and fruit colours. New patterns are enhanced by exciting colourful scenarios which are printed with three-dimensional effects and meticulous details. 

Gardening theme. © Eurojersey

Space-Earth, Surf, Savana, Aloe, and Gardening are five different themes for five different occasions. The innovative Eco-Print reproduces tone-on-tone effects and contrasts using a pigment to create the design on the fabric and 3D printing that creates textures and weaves that create an amazing visual and relief effect.


The observation of the Earth from the cosmic universe inspired the Space-Earth theme. The Earth is captured by cool colours of blue and turquoise, reminiscent of the iridescent sea surface and of the horizon shades where the sky imperceptibly blends, for an instant, with the terrestrial globe.

Space-Earth. © Eurojersey

The identity plays with the texture and optical effects to reproduce textural surfaces and weaves through the extraordinary use of 3D printing. These are Sensitive Fit, Sensitive Life, Sensitive Sculpt with its natural shaping performance and Sensitive Seric and Sensitive Sheer, which are flashy and precious due to their silky, bright, iridescent appearance.


Surfers riding the waves and their feats provide the mood for the Surf theme. Watercolour shades, stippled and tie-dye effects, it is the environment full of the riders’ energy and passion. The active and dynamic sport performance here is fast and adrenaline-filled. Tenacious and strong, featured is Sensitive Classic, its colour palette is a unique mix without limits.

Surf theme. © Eurojersey


The cosmic gaze focuses on territories and surfaces and reveals unexpected geometries. These are interpreted by the Savana theme. Earth signs the land with square crops, well-defined rural features, and unconventional tribal patterns. This new ethnical scenario, coloured by the Northern Lights, blends shades of green and pink.

Savana theme. © Eurojersey

Animalier prints, tattoo patterns and primitive features, relief printing, embossing and draperies in a sensory softness are created by Sensitive Plus.


Keeping to the natural dimension, the journey arrives at the officinal and healing world in the Aloe theme. This emphasises the healing of colour and its relaxing and enveloping atmosphere. The vision is driven by the green that multiplies through different faceted shades, getting more specific and particular.

Aloe theme. © Eurojersey

The high performing fabrics Sensitive Fit, Sensitive Life, Sensitive Sculpt Light, match the pierced Bonded inserts well. An absolutely new Green Aloe colour is added to the Sensitive Classic Colour Therapy chart.


The Gardening theme shows the planet at the centre of an increased awareness, as suggested by the many insights arising from EXPO 2015. Flowers and fruit explode in all their wonder and splendour. Photographic prints which draw with sweet tastes and sparkling with bubbly energy feed the game, are suggesting a type of energetic magic.

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