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Shima Seiki YarnBank
Shima Seiki YarnBank

29th October 2019, Wakayama

Shima’s cut-resistant solutions at A+A 2019

SWG091N2 Wholegarment knitting machine. © Shima Seiki

SWG091N2 Wholegarment knitting machine. © Shima Seiki

Shima Seiki, a leading flat knitting machinery manufacturer of Wakayama, Japan, will participate in the A+A 2019 Safety, Security and Health at Work International Trade Fair, which takes place in Düsseldorf, Germany, next month.

On display will be the company’s SWG091N2 compact Wholegarment knitting machine featuring Shima Seiki’s original SlideNeedle technology. Exhibited in 15 gauge, proposals for ultrafine gauge Wholegarment applications will be made for knitted safety accessories in the workplace. At A+A, SWG091N2 will be producing cut-resistant uppers for tabi shoes, a traditional Japanese design for workers featuring a separate big toe for flexible manoeuvring over all surfaces.

Cut-resistant solutions

The shoe upper features a double-layer of cut resistant fabric, as well as a pile-knit sole for a combination of worker friendly safety and comfort. Besides shoe uppers, SWG091N2 is capable of knitting a variety of other items in safety, sports, medical and other applications, from gloves, socks, knit caps and balaclavas to lining for protective headgear and various joint supports, all produced in one entire piece without the need for sewing afterward.

Tabi shoes. © Shima Seiki

Tabi shoes. © Shima Seiki

Also exhibited will be the SVR123SP computerised flat knitting machine featuring a dedicated loop presser bed that permits full use of inlay technique for the production of hybrid fabrics that feature both knit and weave characteristics, suited to the production of safety oriented functional fabrics. At A+A, SVR123SP will be knitting a lightweight cut-resistant apron as an alternative proposal to current heavy vinyl aprons used in the meat packing industry.


Also demonstrated will be Shima Seiki’s new SDS-ONE APEX4 3D design system. APEX4 is at the core of Shima Seiki’s Total Fashion System concept, made possible through its comprehensive support of the knit apparel production process from planning and production to sales promotion.

SVR123SP-SV computerised knitting machine. © Shima Seiki

SVR123SP-SV computerised knitting machine. © Shima Seiki

“Furthermore its capability for virtual sampling is especially effective in streamlining the production process. Ultrarealistic simulation capability allows the use of virtual samples for evaluating design variations without producing actual samples for each variation, thereby minimising the time, cost and resources normally required with sample-making, supporting smart, speedy and sustainable apparel production,” the company reports.

SDS-ONE APEX4 3D design system. © Shima Seiki

SDS-ONE APEX4 3D design system. © Shima Seiki

APEX4 features programming and simulation processing speeds of up to 6 times that of the previous APEX3 system.

Exhibition details

The A+A 2019 exhibition will take place from 5-8 November at the Düsseldorf Fairgrounds (Messe Düsseldorf). Shima’s exhibited technology will include:

  • SWG091N2 15G Wholegarment knitting machine
  • SVR123SP-SV 14G computerised knitting machine
  • SDS-ONE APEX4 3D design system

For more information please contact Shima Seiki at +81734748210.


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