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8th November 2012, Obertshausen

Fascination Lace offers new sari fabrics


At this year’s India ITME 2012 to be held from 2nd to 7th December in Mumbai Karl Mayer will be presenting its most comprehensive machinery range ever displayed at ITME. The market leader invites the visitors to its booth to have a look at its innovative products in the sectors of warp knitting machines and warp preparation units.

The following machinery will be on display:

  • The new 3rd generation HKS 3-M – which Karl Mayer calls the most flexible 3-bar tricot machine, will be producing an embroidery ground for saris in Mumbai.

  • Machine type FL 20/16. At India ITME the Fascination Lace will be exhibited in a working width of 132" and a gauge of E 28, producing a completely new and innovative fabric that Karl Mayer says is set to revolutionize the production of sari fabrics.

According to the company, the trendsetting fabric has a unique appearance and can be produced extremely efficiently. “The new fabrics are as beautiful as conventional saris and can be produced in a single piece, so that they can be manufactured extremely economically. The pattern, together with the sections that are patterned with specific designs, such as the elaborately decorated shoulder piece at the end, which is known as the pallu, are worked directly into the fabric by the FL 20/16,” Karl Mayer explains.

“For simpler patterns, the embroidery process can now be dispensed with. All that has to be done is to hem the edges or use hemming tape as another option to create a fabric with a perfect drape. At a working width of 132", this results in two matching saris being produced next to each other.” *

  • The new Wefttronic RS for the field of technical textiles. In Mumbai, this efficient Raschel machine with magazine weft insertion system will be producing a light and stable advertising medium out of a rather thin material, with full yarn threading.
  • The latest automatic sectional warper NOM for the warp preparation field. Plus, a parallel creel and the ISOTENSE yarn tensioner will be on display.

Apart from the exhibits, the technical experts at this year’s India ITME will again ensure that Karl Mayer’s stand becomes a favoured meeting point among the entire field of business.

*Details concerning the patterning possibilities of the sari fabrics made on the FL 20/16

In terms of design, too, the FL 20/16 machine leaves nothing to be desired, Karl Mayer says.” No matter whether floral patterns, teardrop paisley motifs or ornamental compositions, the patterns of the Fascination Lace offer everything needed to produce gorgeous saris, whose relief-like characteristics make them look as if they have been embroidered.”

“In addition to the pattern motifs, the marquisette-like fabric ground also offers fascinating design possibilities. To produce the filigree designs with their delicate, arching lines, a regular lattice-like ground is used, into which additional lengthwise stripes are worked. As well as grounds with a marquisette look, tulle constructions can also be worked.”

Processing yarns with different coloured sequences is another way of creating patterns on sari fabrics. Space-dyed, multicoloured yarns are processed, and the mixture of colours highlights the dynamics of the design elements attractively. Additional coloured accents can be worked by combining the bright, iridescent yarns with single-colour yarns.

According to Karl Mayer, no special know-how or additional equipment are needed to finish the warp-knitted sari fabrics. As is usual, the fabrics are washed, dyed, heat-set, stentered and treated by carrying out soft-touch finishing.

Visitors to India ITME 2012 will have the opportunity to convince themselves of the softness, gentle drape and diversity of the textiles made on Karl Mayer’s latest innovation.

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  • Anis, Dhaka Bangladesh 14th November 2012 17:20PM

    Thanks to Karl Mayer. This sari fabrics is very nice.


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