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FENC to boost overseas synthetic fibre output

FENC has announced plans to ramp up investment in synthetic fibre plants in the United States and Vietnam.

21st August 2018

Knitting Industry
 |  Taipei

Knitwear, Knitted Outerwear

FENC also plans to expand its supply chain in Asia by expanding capacity in Vietnam to take advantage of the favourable labour market and investment climate. The company says that the increase in production capacity will make it one of the top three PET producers globally.

In 1945, Yu-Ziang Hsu founded Far Eastern Manufacturing Company (FEMC) in Shanghai to produce the skyscraper-brand knitwear. This marked the beginning of the Far Eastern Textile business. In 1949, Far Eastern relocated to Taiwan, setting up its knitting factory.

Far Eastern Textile (FETL), established in 1954, grew to establish stand-alone spinning, weaving, dyeing, and apparel factories. Year 1965 marked the complete integration of the upstream, midstream and downstream processes into one vertically-integrated production chain. In 1979, Oriental Chemical Fiber Corporation merged with Far Eastern Textile to complete the combination of fibre and textile production. In 2008, the company acquired Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan) Corporation for increased efficiency and competitive advantage through the integration of the petrochemical, polyester, fibre, spinning, weaving, dyeing, apparel manufacturing, and retail businesses.

Later, the company established production centres in Shanghai, Suzhou, and Wuxi. Starting in apparel manufacturing, Far Eastern Textile has since developed its fibre, spinning, weaving, dyeing and petrochemicals businesses in China. The company has streamlined its business model over the last ten years and completed its business strategy for the cross-straits polyester and textile market.

In October 2009, to reflect both the company’s current structure and vision for the future, Far Eastern Textile was renamed Far Eastern New Century Corporation (FENC).

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