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5th April 2013, Dornbirn

Communicating the future of man-made fibres


The Dornbirn-Man-Made Fibers Congress (MFC), the leading conference for the man-made fibres industry, will take place for the 52nd time in Dornbirn, Austria from 11-13 September 2013, where over 100 papers will address key industry issues under the banner - ‘Communicating the Future of Man-Made Fibers’.

The event has become a Europe/ US lead event which is geared towards future themes such as sustainability and innovation. But it also attempts to communicate with future generations and has been very positively accepted and supported by the fibre making and processing community.

The coordinated world-wide activities of the program committee along with strong associations with academic and research institutions and umbrella organisations have created increasing interest in the event. Organisers have therefore on this occasion been able to publish a highly detailed preliminary programme with more than 100 papers which can be downloaded here or viewed at the conference website at www.dornbirn-mfc.com.  

New challenges - new solutions

Dornbirn-MFC with more than 100 lectures by industry will offer an insight into the innovative power of man-made fibres, multiple fields of application and new approaches for effective solutions. From a large number of high-quality proposals organisers have tried to select a representative cross-section of lectures illustrating the contribution of various stages of the processing chain to final product.

In the opening session a lecture by the Institute for Management Research/Denkendorf (Germany) will deal with trends in the textiles industry, new business models, development cooperation and the role of the man-made fibres industry in the processing chain of the future. A further lecture by  the Sustainable Apparel Coalition/USA is dedicated to environmentally friendly garments from fibre to final product, including distribution.

The Dornbirn Man-Made Fibers Campus will once again offer the possibility to young students and pupils from textile schools to present their work in short presentations to an auditorium of experts.

Other congress topics 

  • Sustainable solutions for the fibre industry (bio-polymers and bio-technology, man-made fibers for environmental protection)
  • Fibre innovations (filaments)
  • Unconventional fibre applications (composites)
  • Finishing
  • Sports and functional wear
  • Market overview (Korea, India, Indonesia)

Details of individual lectures will be published on the organisers website at www.dornbirn-mfc.com.

Parallel events

In parallel with the 52nd Dornbirn MFC, CIRFS (European Man-Made Fibers Association) and IVC in Frankfurt, which represent major man-made fibres manufacturers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, will have meetings in Dornbirn. Additionally, high ranking delegations including speakers are also expected from AFMA (American Fiber Manufacturers Association), JCFA (Japan Chemical Fibers Association) and KOFOTI (Korean Federation of Textile Industries).

Parallel to the Dornbirn-MFC, ITMF (International Textile Manufacturers Federation) will hold its annual conference from 8-10 of September in nearby Bregenz, Austria. Around 200 decision makers from fibres, textiles, auxiliaries and textile machinery will exchange their views about further economic development. The idea behind the initiative is to encourage the exchange of views between users of cotton and man-made fibres. Delegates are also expected to participate at the Dornbirn event.

In addition Lenzing AG will hold a workshop with approximately 70 key customers from Asia at the same time as the Dornbirn conference and organisers have also coordinated the conference to fit in with the Paris industry events Premiere Vision and Texworld.

Early Bird Bonus

Delegates can experience the latest developments and trends in the international man-made fibres world whilst deepening their lead in know-how through networking with more than 800 participants from more than 30 countries.

For registration before 31st of May 2013 an early bird bonus is offered to delegates. To take advantage of the offer please follow this link to register.

Contact details

Austrian Man-Made Fibers Institute (Austrian-MFI)

Congress Office, Kolingasse 1/1/5, A-1090  Wien, Austria

Telephone: +43 (0) 1 319 29 09 - 41

Fax: +43 (0) 1 319 29 09 - 31

[email protected]




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