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Shima Seiki
Shima Seiki

23rd April 2020, Milan

Famme collaborates with Fulgar for perfect workout wear

© Famme/ Fulgar.

© Famme/ Fulgar.

Famme, a cutting-edge Norwegian brand that makes functional, fashionable women’s collections for workout, yoga, running and everyday life, has launched a leggings capsule in collaboration with Italian fibre specialist Fulgar.

“The superior quality Fulgar yarn with nylon 6.6 means the leggings are seamless, soft, comfortable and breathable. Ideal garments, especially now, when we have to remain indoors,” Fulgar says.

For more than ten years Fulgar, a centre of excellence for Made in Italy textiles and a leader in the production of prestige man-made fibres, has been active in the field of sustainability from both a corporate and product point of view. This constant commitment has enabled the company to obtain environmental impact assessment for the manufacture of products analysed using the LCA scientific method, as well as a number of certifications including OEKOTEX STD CLASS I STD 100 Appendix 6.

These assets have led Fulgar yarns to be chosen by many northern European brands based in countries where the public already is favourably aware of research into sustainable high-quality products. Just like the initiatives carried out by Famme.

Established in 2016 in Oslo, the Scandinavian brand is enjoying significant growth in the context of sustainability and innovation. Its intention in the coming months is to launch a series of ecological garments with increasing levels of performance. In doing so the brand regards Fulgar as the ideal partner, thanks to its green portfolio and established expertise.

In particular, for its upcoming collections, Famme is developing a selection of garments with Q-SKIN anti-bacterial microfibre by Fulgar for a mini-capsule of leggings and some tops with biodegradable Amni Soul Eco fabric.

“Q-SKIN by Fulgar is a special Nylon 6.6 yarn which incorporates special silver ions inserted directly during spinning,” Fulgar explains. “Their unique chemical and physical characteristics give the yarn bacteriostatic properties. Bacteria carry a negative charge, while the silver ions contained in Q-SKIN by Fulgar are positively charged, so the silver ions will reduce excess bacteria.”

“The bacteriostatic power and ability to stand up to repeated washing offered by Q-SKIN by Fulgar yarn have been extensively tested, confirming its effectiveness against the main bacterial groups Gram + (Staphylococcus Aureus) Gran - (Klebsiella Pneumoniae).

As well as having certified bacteriostatic properties that make this yarn a precious ingredient in the development of devices for everyday use, Q-SKIN by Fulgar is also the ideal choice for sportive garments as it can slow the development of unpleasant odours while giving wearers benefits like breathability, freshness, hygiene and comfort, caring for the skin all the while.”

“The result of research by the Solvay Group in collaboration with Fulgar, Amni Soul Eco is a green yarn offering revolutionary biodegradability times. If disposed of properly in a special anaerobic tip, Amni Soul Eco will biodegrade in around five years compared to the fifty-year period required by normal polyamides.”

“Fulgar gives us the trust we need as a brand, as many of our consumers are increasingly aware of quality and sustainability. Constant improvement means knowing our products and partners, so we follow every step in the production of every product from beginning to end. We have a genuine interest in creating products with great stories, and Fulgar enables us to create stories that always have a happy ending!” says Peter Taube, CEO of Famme.

“We’re delighted to accompany Famme in their progress towards collections that are ever more sustainable and high-performance, through the potential offered by our green, functional yarns. The recent emergency has clearly shown that it’s increasingly vital for the success and comeback of fashion brands that they base themselves on a new set of values, especially environmental sustainability and the type of green supply chain that Fulgar offers”, said Alan Garosi, Marketing Manager of Fulgar.


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