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Flat Knitting - Gloves / Socks

  • 19th April 2009

    Shima Seiki: SPG

    A specialty machine for knitting pile gloves Branching out from the SFG family of glove knitting machines, the SPG is the world’s first automatic glove knitting machine to produce seamless pile-knitted gloves. Pile gloves are becoming more popular with ...

  • 19th April 2009

    Shima Seiki: SPF-W

    Comfortable, stylish socks with seamless toes and heels Shima Seiki’s SPF has been the only machine to specialize in the production of five-toe socks with heels. Now that unique technology has been taken to an entirely new level with the intro...

  • 17th April 2009

    Shima Seiki: NewSFG

    The ultrafine gauge seamless glove machine that keeps evolving Shima Seiki’s NewSFG computerized seamless glove machine has gained a large following with users worldwide, thanks to its quality, reliability and unparalleled technology developed es...

  • 17th April 2009

    Shima Seiki: SFG

    The best-selling glove knitting machine in the world Back in the early 1960’s Shima Seiki was originally founded on a mission to develop an automated seamless glove knitting machine. Constant improvements have been made to that original machine in...

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