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Flat Knitting - Wide Needlebed

  • 6th June 2013

    Stoll Compact Class & Multi-Gauge Class

    A CMS of the compact class is above all one thing: typically STOLL! It is extremely efficient for Fully Fashion, as you can select two, three or four systems as required....

  • 15th April 2009

    Shima Seiki: SSG202SV/ SSG202SC

    Advanced knitting technology with high cost-performance The SSG® 202SV and SSG® 202SC are part of Shima Seiki’s new generation of SSG®-series fl at knitting machines, both featuring great cost-performance for entry-level computerized knit product...

  • 14th April 2009

    Shima Seiki: SSG236SV/ SSG236SC/ SSG236FC

    Six-system productivity with WideGauge® and WideTandem® versatility Part of the SSG®-line of Shima Seiki’s new generation of computerized fl at knitting machines, the SSG®236SV, SSG®236SC and SSG®236FC are versatile, high-speed machines fea...

  • 13th April 2009

    Shima Seiki: SSG234 SV/ SSG234 SC

    Flexible solutions with WideGauge® and WideTandem® The new SSG®234SV and SSG®234SC are part of a new generation of computerized knitting machines by Shima Seiki, whose evolutionary progress has resulted in a fi ne balance of quality, productivity, use...

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