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Shima Seiki YarnBank
Shima Seiki YarnBank

20th August 2020, Nelas, Portugal

Borgstena invests in flat knitting for 3D mesh concepts

© Borgstena Gruppen.

© Borgstena Gruppen.

Automotive textiles supplier Borgstena is adding flat knitting to its range of textile technology solutions at a manufacturing facility in Portugal. With the technical capability to produce woven, circular knit, warp knit and now flat knitted fabrics, the group says it has the possibility to always offer its customers the best solution to fit their needs. Borgstena is currently installing the first Stoll ADF machines at one of its Portuguese factories.

Traditionally known as the leading Scandinavian automotive textile supplier, Borgstena Gruppen is working towards becoming a larger solution provider to its automotive customers by expanding its product portfolio but also continuously searching for opportunities in new business areas.

“Just two months ago we announced that Dual Borgstena had taken the decision to increase its technology platform with the acquisition of weft knit machines, for the development of new 3D mesh concepts,” commented Jorge Machado, CEO of Borgstena Group.

“It is with great enthusiasm that we already see the first machines arriving and being installed in our plant in Portugal. Exceptional work done by all involved team members. Congratulations,” Mr Machado added.

Through the creation of independent operational divisions, Borgstena is devoted to the research, development, production and commercialisation of automotive, office and home textiles, automotive seat covers and integrated component solutions.

Borgstena has an interesting history. The story goes that in 1925, Gustav Johansson, bought a circular knitting machine and placed it in the living room of his house and the company was founded. His son Götra Borghed developed the small family company in such a way that by the end of the 1970s it became the leading manufacturer of circular knitted textiles for the Scandinavian automotive market. Since then Borgstena Textile has developed to become one of the leading automotive textile suppliers on the global market whilst continuing to have its unique Scandinavian design as a key foundation.

Through its concept of direct investment, joint ventures and technical partnerships Borgstena is able to support its customers with their global needs. The company has facilities in Europe at    Borgstena Textile Portugal and Borgstena Textile Czech Republic; in Brazil at Borgstena Textile Brazil; in China, at Borgstena Textile China; India BMD (Partnership); Korea, Dual (Partnership); and in Malaysia, Ara Borgstena (Joint Venture).

In the automotive sector Borgstena is a supplier to many of the world’s most famous car and truck manufacturers including Volvo, Scania, Ford, Seat, Nissan, VW and Kia.


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