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Flat Knitting

Knitwear Lab and Rhenoflex collaborate on shoe development

Company is currently in the progress of designing a knitted shoe for Rhenoflex to test how its reinforcement materials respond in an actual shoe design.

17th February 2021

Knitting Industry
 |  Almere, Netherlands

Technical Textiles

Netherlands based Knitwear Lab has been collaborating on a research project with Rhenoflex, a leader in thermoplastic reinforcement materials for shoes. Knitwear Lab says it investigated the current supply of reinforcement in knitted shoes and discovered that many commonly used materials significantly decrease the flexibility and air permeability of the knit.

“We started to test a large number of reinforcement materials developed by Rhenoflex on knitted swatches,” the Amsterdam based laboratory said. “Among these materials were new formulas that are still being developed. We achieved very promising results with Rhenoflex’s Pyroflex and Ediflex and a newly developed material. Especially this new material does not affect the properties of the knit in any negative way,” Knitwear Lab said.

“We are currently in the progress of designing a knitted shoe for Rhenoflex to test how the reinforcement materials respond in an actual shoe design,” it added.

Knitwear Lab is a leading knowledge centre for knitwear in the Netherlands. The company runs extensive research projects on the most innovative technical applications of knitwear for both the fashion and textile industry. Located in Almere, near Amsterdam., the company has three Stoll flat knitting machines including a Stoll-Multi Gauge 7.2 ADF BW16. “This technical ‘tour de force’ is capable of knitting the most innovative stitches and patterns,” the company says.

Knitwear Lab Website

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