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Shima Seiki
Shima Seiki

18th December 2014, London

London based studio offers bespoke sweaters just in time for Christmas

The much-maligned Christmas jumper is getting a digital makeover at London design studio Knyttan, allowing shoppers to create their very own bespoke sweaters.

The Somerset House central London studio uses bespoke software and Stoll flat knitting machines to give consumers the opportunity to express themselves through the clothes they wear.

This video, which was posted on Reuters digital news channel and YouTube a few days ago explains all about Knyttan and how it is bringing designer, factory and consumer closer together.

Digital knitwear puts new spin on festive fashion



Knyttan explains its concept on its website, as follows:

“Fashion is about individuality; we express ourselves through the clothes we wear, and yet our choices are often made for us. What if there was a different way that meant designers could offer more to their customers? What if customers could define what is made, letting them make their wardrobe their own?

We started Knyttan to remove the layers between designers and customers – and by doing so, give everyone a better choice.

Knyttan's factory in Somerset House, London.© Knyttan

In a world of unlimited choice, we help you to find the perfect item. The shape of our clothes is fixed by our fashion team so you know everything fits well. Our colours are chosen by each designer, so you know that everything will look good. All our products are made in the finest Italian Merino wool so you know it will last.

With Knyttan, you don’t need to be an expert – just know what is right for you.

The name, Knyttan, comes from old English – a time when every garment was different. The company’s mission is to bring this idea up to date in an open and sustainable way and make the future just that little bit more unique.

We can make a different item every time without changing the way our clothes are made. We’ve brought the factory, the designer and the customer closer together, removing the barriers to production.”

“This is just the start. As we develop, we want to empower you, our customer, to curate the clothes you wear and we want designers to create the things that only they could dream of. This is a world not limited by choice, but empowered by it.”


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