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31st March 2020, San Bonifacio (VR), Italy

Ribknit’s flat knitted masks await certification for COVID-19 fight

© Ribknit Services Srl.

© Ribknit Services Srl.

Italy based Ribknit Services Srl has developed a flat knitted mask using Shima Seiki technology, which the Verona headquartered company says is awaiting certification for use in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Northern Italy has been the worst hit regions affected, and many textiles and garment industry professionals in the country are switching production to make masks and other personal protective equipment for the healthcare sector.

“We are waiting for tests for the certification of knitted masks, idealized to deal with the coronavirus emergency. The way we think, and work has allowed us to give that extra touch than the classic masks,” the company said today.

Some of the key features of Ribknit’s masks are as follows:

·      Washable several times/ non-disposable

·      Yarn used does not absorb moisture, so it dries very quickly and does not soak up dirt or bacteria

·      Both the fibre and the structure itself allow the perspiration from inside the mask so there is a total absence of condensation while keeping the environment dry

·      Soft rubber bands and the absence of seams, ensure a comfortable prolonged use

“Our main collaborator is Shima Seiki, a Japanese brand known worldwide for the quality and potential of its products,” Ribknit says.

© Ribknit Services Srl.

© Ribknit Services Srl.

The company’s San Bonifacio (VR) factory has a range of Shima machines in guges 3-18, including SWG091N2, SWG091N2 WHOLEGARMENT Mini models and SVR123 / 093SP, SVR202SV and SIR122SC models. The masks are produced on an SSR112, 14 gauge machine.



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