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17th March 2020, Reutlingen

Stoll’s collaborations with The Woolmark Company

© Stoll.

© Stoll.

Flat knitting machine manufacturer Stoll has released details of its collaborations and contributions to several projects with The Woolmark Company.

Exclusive Stoll Webinar for the International Woolmark Prize Finalists (IWP)

Stoll presented an exclusive webinar for the 2020 International Woolmark Prize (IWP) Finalists; the webinar showcased Stoll’s latest innovations in flat knitting technology, digital design tools, ADF technology as well as examples of wool used in Stoll`s collections.

The International Woolmark Prize celebrates outstanding fashion talent from around the globe who showcase the beauty and versatility of Merino wool. It is a prestigious award for rising fashion stars.

The IWP finalists for 2019/2020 were: A-Cold-Wall, BLINDNESS, Bode, Botter, Feng Chen Wang, GmbH, Ludovic De Saint Sernin, Matthew Adams Dolan, Namacheko and Richard Malone.

Ireland’s Richard Malone was announced the winner of the 2020 International Woolmark Prize and Emily Bode also celebrated after winning the inaugural Karl Lagerfeld Award for Innovation. See www.woolmarkprize.com for further details.

© Stoll.

© Stoll.

Image contribution for the re-launch of the Woolmark Learning Centre

The Woolmark Learning Centre has been developed to educate and inspire specialization within the wool supply chain. The educational platform offers an unprecedented level of knowledge transfer from industry experts within the global textile industry and is designed for students studying fashion, agriculture, science and textile engineering; designers, brands and retailers; and manufacturers of yarn, textiles and garments.

Developed in response to the global shift in education towards agile, self-paced and digital learning, the platform will work to unify the global textile supply chain.

© Stoll.

© Stoll.

Stoll supported The Woolmark Company for the launch of the Woolmark Learning Centre with images from various stitch constructions and items of clothing from the Stoll archive for the Knitwear Design and Make Module. The launch of this module is planned for Spring 2020. See www.woolmarklearningcentre.com for further details.

Fabric contributions for The Wool Lab Vision trend books

Stoll supported The Woolmark Company to transform The Wool Lab – an inspirational tool dedicated to wool – for Spring/Summer 2021. See www.woolmark.com/de/education/the-wool-lab/ for further details.

The Wool Lab Vision has been introduced by The Woolmark Company to inspire the fashion, textile and lifestyle industries. Presenting the future of wool, from innovative manufacturing processes which spark imagination to ground-breaking product developments The Wool Lab Vision will change the way the industry works with wool.

© Stoll.

© Stoll.

The Wool Lab Vision is in addition to the latest edition of The Wool Lab, dedicated to Spring/Summer 2021 and staying true to its original mission, providing brands and designers with a curated collection of the world’s best commercially available wool fabrics and yarns.

“Stoll is very proud about the collaboration with The Woolmark Company and is looking forward to further exciting and successful projects in future,” Stoll said.


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