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7th November 2017, Monaco

Fulgar at Invista's Performance Days workshop

Fulgar, a European leader in the production of nylon 6.6 and covered yarns and an exclusive distributor of Lycra fibre and its specialities for Europe and Turkey, will take part in the Invista workshop taking place at Performance Days, this week.

An entire day will be set aside for the Lycra Sport platform and the innovative PCE measuring system, with a panel of top-level speakers from the textiles supply chain.

Evo by Fulgar. © Fulgar

Alan Garosi, Fulgar's Marketing Manager, will contribute to the debate with a talk entitled Innovation and inspiration for sportswear: Evo by Fulgar ‘The bio-based polyamide’ and Lycra fibre technology.

His speech will describe the innovative solutions that have led to the association of Lycra Sport PCE with Evo, the bio-based yarn obtained from castor oil. The oil is the product of a non-food plant that grows spontaneously. The resource is renewable, does not require large amounts of water and does not take up land that can be cultivated for food production.

“Suitable for all textile applications and an ideal sportswear solution, Evo by Fulgar is ultra-light, stretch, breathable, quick drying and non-iron,” the company reports. “It features natural heat retaining and bacteriostatic properties, plus a whole series of distinctive values and benefits that provide maximum comfort and unique performance, with full respect for the natural environment.”

“I'm especially pleased to be able to offer concrete solutions for the sportswear world that fully combine performance and sustainability. We at Fulgar have embraced this challenge to the full and it's a very fulfilling effort. Evo is a fantastic breakthrough not only in production but also from a social and environmental point of view,” said Alan Garosi.


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