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17th December 2018, Milan

Fulgar stars at Textile Evolution in Milan

Fulgar, an Italian leader in the production of man-made fabrics, took a centre stage at the Textile Evolution exhibition, which took place in Milan last month. The show welcomed almost 2,000 registered visitors during the thirteen days of the event and hosted the best of Italian technical fabric production. Its aim was to highlight the relationship that exists in Italy’s textiles industry between research, creativity in design, sustainability and technology.

An exhibition area by Fulgar was dedicated to the eco-sustainable creations resulting from collaborations with brands that are “ambassadors of excellence”. Visitors to Textile Evolution could admire outerwear from urban-sportswear brand Sease, made in the innovative Sunrise fabric using bio-based Evo by Fulgar yarn, sports garments by Cifra combining the use of Evo with the exclusive patented WKS technology, the prestigious ecological lace by Iluna containing recycled Q-Nova fibre for lingerie and other applications.

An exhibition area by Fulgar was dedicated to the eco-sustainable creations by partner brands. © Fulgar

Also on show were items from the The Sustainable Kit collection by eco-designer Tiziano Guardini, made with Fulgar’s range of eco yarns and launched at the Milan Fashion Week 2018.


Alongside the finished garments, the display presented a close-up experience of Fulgar’s eco-sustainable yarns – Evo, a yarn made from castor oil, and Q-Nova, a fibre made exclusively from regenerated raw materials without the use of chemicals.

Textile Evolution also hosted the presentation of Luminescente, the innovative experimental technology developed by company’s R&D labs that enables the creation of garments and accessories that are also visible in the dark, a feature made possible by the use of natural minerals incorporated in a 6.6 polyamide yarn that can store light and fluoresce in conditions of total or partial darkness.

Also on show were items from the The Sustainable Kit collection by eco-designer Tiziano Guardini. © Fulgar

Fulgar also made a contribution to the Textile Sustainability – the brands describe themselves debate during the national convention on 23 November alongside the show, organised by AICTC (Italian Association of Textile and Dyeing Chemistry).

New eco-sustainable fibres

The contribution made by Alan Garosi, Marketing Manager Fulgar, entitled Biosynthetics, a new generation of man-made fibres: from plant to nylon examined the value of new eco-sustainable fibres like the versatile, innovative Evo fibre, a bio-based product made from castor oil plants. “For Fulgar sustainability is a key asset, together with quality, innovation and creativity,” said Mr Garosi.

Alan Garosi, Marketing Manager Fulgar, presented at the event. © Fulgar

“About ten years ago we launched a green programme oriented towards the textiles of the future. The programme is constantly growing, and in 2019, too, it will involve working towards key objectives like obtaining appendix 6 of Oeko-Tex standard 100 class I certification that bring our products in line with Greenpeace’s Detox standards and renovating the spinning mill. This will enable us to try out new materials”.


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