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Fulgar’s biodegradable yarn for women's cycling brand

Sher chooses Amni Soul Eco biodegradable yarn produced and distributed by Fulgar for its green collection.

22nd July 2021

Knitting Industry
 |  Milan


Sher, the innovative high-performance cycling apparel brand dedicated to women that does not sacrifice style, relies on Fulgar's green portfolio for its latest collection. Founded in 2019 by Sara Canali, an expert in the fashion and sports industry, Sher is confirming its constant commitment to researching fabrics, materials and processes that improve performance and reduce the impact on the environment.

The brand has in fact chosen Fulgar and other textile companies as leading partners in the sector of research and sustainable development, to accompany it on its ethical and innovative path - always with the intention to reducing the waste of raw materials and keep the environmental impact as low as possible.

Sustainability is a topic that is very much felt by our customers, who are increasingly aware and sensitive, and who direct their purchasing choices towards products that are ‘clean’ in every aspect of their life cycle

The result of the collaboration is Sher's first capsule collection with a focus on biodegradability, comprising four new styles - two cycling bib shorts for women and two gravel shorts, all of them engineered with the innovative Fitter fabric, which uses Amni Soul Eco, a biodegradable 6.6 polyamide yarn.

The garments are said to be highly comfortable, thanks to their excellent moisture management performance, which keeps the skin cool and dry. The result of research by the Solvay Group - in collaboration with Fulgar, excellence of the Made in Italy and leader in the segment of innovative and eco-sustainable man-made yarns - Amni Soul Eco offers revolutionary biodegradation times. If correctly disposed of in a special anaerobic dump, Amni Soul Eco biodegrades in about 5 years. 

© Cher/ Fulgar

By using Amni Soul Eco, Sher’s fabric is quickly and completely biodegradable, while retaining the inherent properties of a durable product. Lightweight but at the same time covering, breathable, quick-drying, abrasion resistant, with a good dose of compression to give support to the legs during cycling and a protection factor of UPF 50+ (the maximum degree of protection for a fabric), the new Sher collection is said to be the ideal product for all women who are looking for a garment with incredible performance (comfort and excellent moisture management) without neglecting eco-sustainability.

"We are very happy to accompany Sher on their journey towards increasingly sustainable and high-performance collections, thanks to the potential of our green and functional yarns. This is an important acknowledgement of our more than ten-year commitment to eco-sustainable research and development for an ethical and increasingly green supply chain even in the sports sector," commented Alan Garosi, Fulgar's Head of Marketing.

© Cher/ Fulgar

Sara Canali, founder of the brand, responds: "Sustainability is a topic that is very much felt by our customers, who are increasingly aware and sensitive, and who direct their purchasing choices towards products that are ‘clean’ in every aspect of their life cycle, made with intelligent materials that contribute to the progress of the future of textiles. This is why we have chosen to rely on the best partners - such as Fulgar - to begin a journey towards an increasingly green production, without neglecting performance and quality.”

Sher's collection with Amni Soul Eco is already on sale via the Sher website at these links:

Shorts & Shorts

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