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13th September 2011

Groz-Beckert Academy to offer comprehensive training programme

Groz-Beckert's Technology & Development Centre (TEZ)Groz-Beckert Academy to offer comprehensive training programme

13 September 2011, Albstadt

Groz-Beckert is to launch its offer to the textiles industry of a comprehensive training programme under its new Groz-Beckert Academy at ITMA in Barcelona this month. The company says the entirely new offer is distinctive for its hands-on practicality, experienced trainers, and the fact that it covers the complete spectrum offered by its Technology and Development Centre (TEZ).

Know-how along the entire textile value-added chain

To date Groz-Beckert has only been able to carry out training courses and seminars on request. However, with the Groz-Beckert Academy, a comprehensive offering has now been created that the company says contains the most diverse, practice-oriented training along the textile value-added chain.

 Whether for knitting, nonwovens production, sewing or weaving, the training courses for the most important textile production methods range from the basics to advanced courses and also special, technically more complex themes. As an option Groz-Beckert will also offer individual training courses at the customer's premises.

TEZ serves as a platform

All the training courses forming part of the Groz-Beckert Academy can be carried out in the Technology and Development Centre (TEZ) that was officially opened by Groz-Beckert in July 2010 at its headquarters in Albstadt.

The TEZ provides numerous machines and lines close to production to accompany the courses and it also has a generously-sized auditorium. Equipped with state-of-the-art media technology, it has space for up to 275 guests, and is therefore suited to specialist conferences and events on  textiles.

Further information at available ITMA

Information on course content and prices of the different training courses is provided in Groz-Beckert's brochure ‘Training Programme 2012', which will be available from the company's booth at ITMA in Barcelona onwards.

Readers can also find out about the specific dates from the end of September 2011 online at www.groz-beckert.com . Applications for registration with the Groz-Beckert Academy can also be made online via the application form integrated into the brochure.

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