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30th September 2016, Hildebran, NC

DeFeet celebrates silver anniversary with new partnership

DeFeet International, a manufacturer of performance socks and accessories for the cycling, running and outdoor markets, will mark its next year’s 25th anniversary with a new partnership with Unifi, a leading producer of multi-filament polyester and nylon textured yarns and related raw materials.

DeFeet has selected to use Unifi Manufacturing as its new fibre supplier, and will incorporate Unifi’s Repreve, Sorbtek and XS Dynamic Tunable Cross-Section technology into a variety of its products. The fibres will be integrated first into the Levitator Lite model and then all of the company’s non-wool products, starting in 2017.

The Unifi fibres will be integrated first into the Levitator Lite model. © DeFeet International

 “DeFeet is thrilled and proud to soon celebrate our 25th year in business,” said DeFeet Founder and Chief Sockoligist Shane Cooper. “This is part of what we do. We never stop experimenting, learning and improving. We show up every day and just go for it. That’s what keeps us young – 25 years young.”

Recycled benefits

Repreve from Unifi is a high-grade recycled polyester fibre. It is manufactured using polyethylene terephthalate (PET) from used plastic bottles and post-industrial recycled materials. The procurement chain is transparent from the waste product right through to the yarn.

The combination of Repreve with Sorbtek, Unifi’s moisture-management yarn, creates a performance yarn that combines cooling and moisture-wicking properties with recycled benefits. With the addition of Unifi’s XS Dynamic Tunable Cross-Section technology, the moisture-management and comfort properties are even further enhanced, the company reports.

“They literally knocked my socks off,” added Cooper. “Our athletes have given the new fibre a unanimous ‘thumbs up’. But the important thing for DeFeet – the game changer – is the fact this is a recycled yarn. Our lab tests are showing the best wicking performance we have ever seen, and it’s from a product recycled right here in North Carolina.”

Environmentally friendly products

DeFeet has been testing the new fibres extensively in 2016. In July, socks with the new fibres were worn to victory in seven stages of the Tour de France.

 “As sustainability becomes a more widespread focus, we appreciate seeing partners like DeFeet using Repreve in combination with other Unifi performance technologies to increase various attributes that enhance athletic pursuits,” said Jay Hertwig, vice president of global brand sales, marketing and product development for Unifi.

“With the addition of Unifi’s Sorbtek and XS Dynamic Tunable Cross-Section technology, we are able to create products that are both environmentally friendly and deliver performance benefits that consumers in the outdoor market request.”


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