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First seamless machines for Indonesia

GT Man brand introduces seamless underwear for men.

4th April 2022

Knitting Industry
 |  Indonesia

Intimate Apparel

PT Ricky Putra Globalindo (RPG), the company behind Indonesia's leading men's underwear brand, GT Man, has unveiled new seamless underwear for men using the first innovative seamless knitting machine in Indonesia.

With the high-technology seamless machines imported from Italy, the company is now able to produce its flagship Seamless technology products for GT Man Customers, which revolutionizes the way its products are made while taking its existing comfort and design levels to new heights. The new technology seamless machines also allow the company to shorten production process by up to 50%, resulting in a more cost-efficient price and increased quality for customers.

The technological implementation now requires much less human labour, reducing the total processes from eight to a mere three or four processes. "By streamlining the production line, not only being cost-effective, but RPG can also focus and re-allocate vital resources on delivering higher quality products at a much better rate for the Indonesian men's underwear market. This upgrade makes GT Man the only men's underwear company in Indonesia that has the capability of producing these types of products domestically, putting us ahead of our competitors," said Charlie Nawawi, Marketing Director of RPG.

First launched in 2021, GT Man Seamless Underwear Collection features a wide range of pieces including stretch boxers, boxer briefs, and regular briefs. GT Man has built its collections with seamless underwear fabrics such as spandex, microfiber, and nylon, offering greater comfort and flexibility designed to feel like a second skin.

With body fitting comfort and adjustable design material, GT Man also uses elastic materials that fit better on the body so that people can move lighter and more freely. "Clothing made with seamless technology will make clothes 15% lighter than traditional methods. Our products are also designed with sweat-wicking fabrics that are breathable, ensuring more comforts for staying active during the day," added Charlie.

Sustainability in the clothing industry

Most consumers might not be aware that buying seamless underwear is not just useful for their own health and make them feel good, but also the environment, the company explains. As the production process is more sustainable compared to the conventional garment-making processes, buying seamless underwear is also beneficial to the environment.

A survey by McKinsey reveals that 57% consumers have made significant changes to their lifestyles in order to reduce the environmental impacts, while 15% consumers purchase social and environmental-friendly products, including when choosing underwear products.

Currently, GT Man holds 40% of the Indonesian men's underwear market share, which is the biggest of any company in the space. With competition fierce however, the company is looking towards innovation and technology to stay ahead. This vision was firmly reinforced with their recent upgrade to their production capabilities.

Although efforts to implement the Seamless technology began in 2021, it is only recently that operations are in full flow. While production was minimal in the early stages, GT Man is now looking to focus the next 3-4 years in growing all product lines with the Seamless technology. They have a firm goal of shifting 20-30% of its current production to the seamless product line in this time. Currently, their seamless boxers are at the forefront of dominating the modern men's underwear market.

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