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Shima Seiki YarnBank
Shima Seiki YarnBank

16th June 2020, Brescia, Italy

Lonati introduces LB04Y7 single cylinder hosiery machine

© Lonati.

© Lonati.

Leading Italian hosiery machine builder Lonati has launched a new electronically controlled single cylinder four feed machine for the production of womens’ stockings and tights. The Donna LB04Y7 has electronic needle by needle selection on each of its four feeds and produces hosiery in jacquard, baguette and bikini patterns.

Mesh formation cams are controlled by stepper motors and perform gradual and partial mesh widening or narrowing in each area of ​​the knitted item. Needle raising cams are also motorised.

The LB04Y7 also has electronic yarn fingers control with plating option at different heights and one motorized yarn finger for angular movement. Other features include single and double hook edge, electronic device for maintaining the size at any temperature, single or double dial jacks.

Main features

·      4 feeds single cylinder machine

·      1 electronic selection unit on each feed

·      4 motorized stitch cams

·      Motorized sinkers cap, 1 motor

·      24 yarn fingers

·      6 pliers suction unit

Technical data

LB04Y7 (Needle latch 7 mm), Diameter:  4”, Gauge: 32, Needle thickness: 0.34 mm

Standard devices

·      26 or 40 reels yarn creel

·      Sock ejection hood

·      Yarn waste filter

·      Stepper motor-controlled suction valve

·      Rotary or fixed antitwist device

·      4 fixed stitch unit with motorized movement by heights

·      6 pliers suction unit (plates, hooks and cut pick)

·      4 yarn sliding sensors

·      Motorized radial plating on first yarnfinger

·      Extra latch-opener for open-work

Optional devices

·      DREAM or DREAM ONE device for stretching socks in ejection

·      1,1 or 2,2 Kw suction fan

·      Ethernet board for connection to Dinema Nautilus data collector system

·      Dinema GRYF yarn feeder, 12 max

·      Dinema Plus medical or bare elastomer yarn feeders, 4 max

·      Yarn sensors, 24 max

·      Motorized sinkers cap, 2 motors

·      Motorized rising dial unit

·      Knit-in device kit

Knitting possibilities

·      Plain knit

·      1:1, 3:1, 5:1, 7:1, 1:3 fixed mesh, micromesh and diagonal mesh

·      Different selections for vertical cutting bands

·      Several 1:1, 2:2 (cut boss) pattern, bikini pattern, pattern heel, push up etc.

·      Supp-hose on 2 or 4 feeds

·      Plain knit plating on 2 or 4 feeds

·      Supp-hose on 2 or 4 feeds

Click here for full details on Lonati’s website

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