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18th May 2017, Botticino Sera

Rumi introduces new toe closing device for sock knitting machines

Italian sock machine manufacturer Rumi has announced the development of a new toe closing device for the company’s single cylinder sock knitting machines, called Rumi SevenR D4S Closed toe.

The company based in Botticino Sera, Brescia, Italy, produces circular machines for socks knitting factories. Rumi was founded in 1962 and has since then become well-known in the hosiery market. The firm began its activity by reconditioning machines (single and double cylinder), such as the famous Scott & Williams knitting machines, before developing its own machines, such as the new Athon, which it says revolutionised the concept of transferred socks’ production. The company operates in more than 40 countries and works with both Italian and foreign customers.

The company’s Seven R single cylinder single feed machine has 8 yarn fingers for the main feed and 6 groups of yarn fingers for pattern formation, and an independent elastic yarn finger. The machine features 8 groups needle by needle selection and independent adjustment of ground stitch and heel through step motors, as well as the control for the recovery of 4 independent heel yarns. According to the manufacturer, the machine offers an increase in speed in the heel and toe phases through an increase and decrease of the needles.

It offers socks and tights production with reciprocated heel. Possibility of 18 different colours on the same sock is possible, including the elastic selection. With this machine, it is also possible to produce 3D patterns. Maximum speed: 250/300 RPM in plain stitch.

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