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Shima Seiki YarnBank
Shima Seiki YarnBank

17th July 2018, Chemnitz

Terrot innovation is a World Cup winner

Terrot, a leading manufacturer of electronically and mechanically controlled circular knitting machines, supported both finalists at the recent FIFA World Cup, with France and Croatia wearing shirts based on Terrot’s fine gauge transfer technology.

The German manufacturer is known for its technology and has been developing new products to meet constantly changing market and customer requirements for 155 years. One of the latest innovations is Terrot’s UCC 572-T, for the production of fine gauge transfer fabrics up to gauge E24. The model is suitable for the production of modern and innovative sportswear fabrics and can knit combinations of single and double jersey structures in the upper gauge range, as well as mesh type structures.

UCC 572-T E24 (open width take-down). © Terrot

“This transfer technology is so precise that it is possible to influence the clothing characteristics during the knitting process – single knit areas boost breathability and double knits are essential for more coverage and adding texture to the final fabric. Experts call this technology Body Mapping, which is particularly of importance for creating comfortable sports apparel of perfect fit and functionality,” the manufacturer explains.

According to the company, the UCC 572-T and its fine gauge technology enjoys a high level of trust around the world from leading sportswear brands, including Nike. Nike supplied different national teams, like Brazil, Portugal and England for the football World Cup. Its Nike Vapor Kits are specially crafted by applying this knitting technique, called Nike AeroSwift Technology. Compared to standard transfer machines up to gauge E18, the new technology is lighter, more sweat absorbent and around half the weight of traditional fabrics for sportswear, according to Nike.

The global knits market has strategically developed over the past years, and the demand for athletic and sportswear is growing year on year and shows great potential. Until 2020, the share of knitted fabrics is expected to grow further, with the sportswear sector driving future growth. “New technologies like the transfer technology by Terrot are important to support the positive drive,” the company explains.


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