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Shima Seiki YarnBank
Shima Seiki YarnBank

22nd February 2018, Milan

Third millennium shoe offers style, comfort and sustainability

Tiziano Guardini, a designer who has made sustainability the distinctive feature of his ultra-original creations and the winner of the Green Carpet Fashion Award 2017, is presenting a new concept shoe created exclusively to complete the outfits of his new sustainable collection.

Made by Santoni, the leading producer of seamless machines, the shoe displays futuristic lines and a seamless upper made entirely of bio-based Evo yarn by Fulgar, which is derived from castor oil. According to the manufacturer, suitable for any textile application and ideal for the sportswear, Evo by Fulgar is ultra-light, super stretch and extremely breathable, dries quickly and does not need ironing, has thermal properties and is naturally bacteriostatic.

Shoe produced with Santoni X Machine, with Evo by Fulgar. © Santoni

“A perfect mix for footwear that offers maximum comfort and unique performance while respecting the natural world,” said Fulgar. “This concept is set to revolutionise the footwear industry, also with applications in combination with a rubber sole to create 100% bio footwear.”

This innovative model is produced on the X Machine technology developed by Santoni, enabling the production of a one-piece upper with seamless and no waste technology. “It allows the possibility of having distinct mapped areas according to the type of yarns and to the various structure combinations, so to produce a final product that is ready for the application of the sole only, to complete the manufacture of the shoe,” explained Patrick Silva, Santoni Marketing Manager.

According to Patrick Silva, the circular sock machine offers a 100% sustainability process with incredible production times - from 5 to 7 minutes per piece.  It guarantees quality, reliability and simple ease of use, the company reports, and can minimize costs and production times, meeting the demands of the international footwear market.

The X Machine technology has been launched at this week’s Simac Tanning Tech, the international event for machinery and technologies for the footwear, leather goods and tanning industries, which is to conclude in Milan today.



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