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29th April 2015, Albstadt

Mayer & Cie. to invest in expansion and modernisation

Germany based circular knitting machinery manufacturer Mayer & Cie. (MCT) is planning considerable investments in technology, facilities and personnel for the years 2015 and 2016.

The largest individual share will go to the expansion and modernisation of MCT’s headquarters in Germany. On the agenda is also the increase in size of the subsidiaries in China and the Czech Republic. 

Since its foundation 110 years ago, the company is 100% family-owned. Currently, the founding family’s fourth generation manages the company. From left Benjamin Mayer, Sebastian Mayer and Marcus Mayer. © Mayer & Cie.

The planned investments altogether amount to about EUR 4 million in order to expand the capacities in the production line in all locations, to modernise the company’s own machinery and comply with new software requirements.

Expanding its production capacities

“We are very pleased with the company’s performance in the past years. In 2014 we achieved a turnover of roughly EUR 90 million over the entire group which is 7% more than in the preceding year,” said Benjamin Mayer, Managing Director at Mayer & Cie. “We want to utilise this success to set the right courses for the future.”

The Albstadt based knitting machinery manufacturer is aiming at accomplishing a good balance between strengthening its headquarters and expanding its production capacities close to the market.

Investments at company’s headquarters

For the headquarters of the family-run business in Albstadt investments of about EUR 3 million are budgeted. On top of that employee numbers will further be increased just as in the years before.  Above all there will be new personnel to attend to the company’s full order books in assembly and production.

At its headquarters, machinery for manufacturing MCT’s knitting machines will undergo a modernisation. Furthermore, the company is hiring further technical staff. © Mayer & Cie.

A restructuring and modernisation of the building equipment at the headquarters is another part of the investment plan. The heating and cooling systems have to be revised in order to reduce energy consumption. 

The machinery, which is used for manufacturing knitting machines in Albstadt, Tailfingen will also undergo a modernisation. For this sector there is a budget of about EUR 1 million. “In order to consistently supply our customers with optimum quality we regularly bring the machine pool we use for assembly and production up to date,” explained Benjamin Mayer, Managing Director.

Key markets

Investments of a total of about EUR 1 million are budgeted for the expansion of the capacities of the company’s subsidiaries in the Czech Vsetin and in the Chinese province Shanghai, bringing parts of its production closer to its key markets.

The majority of MCT’s customers are based in Asia, expect for Turkey, the company’s most important key market – 210 knitting machines worth about EUR 16 million were sold there in 2014. In Asia the sales quantity has continuously been increasing for years, above all in India and China.  Here the demand for machines of the mid-range price segment is very large.

“Our Asian customers often order a machine only after they have accepted an order themselves which they cannot complete in due time with their existing machinery,” said Benjamin Mayer. “If we want to be successful, we need to be able to react quickly and flexibly to these short-term orders. On top of that, this market is very price sensitive.”

New plant construction

At the site in Vsetin in the Czech Republic, which MCT acquired in 2011, larger premises are also needed. At this location they manufacture the successful machines of the S- and D-series, including some key components.

With this product line introduced in 2004 MCT significantly expanded its customer base in the premium price segment both in the single and double jersey sector.

In order to prepare for the expected further increase in demand, Mayer & Cie. is planning the construction of a new 5000 square meter size plant in Vsetin.  Construction will begin during the first half of the year 2015, and completion is scheduled for end of 2016.


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