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Hurdle launches one-of-a-kind footwear

Line Features a technology-driven proprietary matrix for unrivalled support and protection.

15th November 2022

Knitting Industry
 |  Washington, USA

Hosiery/​Socks, Sports/​Activewear

Hurdle, an innovative footwear brand, will launch tech-infused athleisure sock line 25 November. The Washington based company says it is breaking the mould within the footwear industry with its precision engineering and patented MicroGravity Matrix - a soft, multi-dimensional support network that offloads weight away from vulnerable areas of the foot and provides unrivalled support and cushioning for all active lifestyles.

To mark the launch, Hurdle will offer an exclusive 20% percent discount as a special thank you to customers exclusively on 25 November 25. Customers can visit to purchase the entire collection starting 25 November, Black Friday.

Hurdle's first-of-its-kind proprietary MicroGravity Matrix is engineered to absorb impact and provide optimal cushioning and weight distribution. With over 2,000 micro air channels for ultimate breathability, along with enhanced blister protection from the ultra-thin MicroPly² knitting technology, the athleisure product is a game changer in the circular knitting industry, the company says. The sock collection will be available for both men and women and is offered in three different styles and various colours.

"The Hurdle team is excited about making a difference in people's lives by bringing innovative products to market in a space that is rarely tech-focused," said Taylor Matter, Founder of Hurdle Apparel. "We are in a space that has untapped potential for innovation yet is dominated by fashion. Hurdle's goal is to redefine footwear, make a difference in the lives of others and carve out a space in consumer comfort technologies starting with Hurdle's precision engineered socks."

Hurdle was founded in 2020 after Matter developed an overuse injury, called capsulitis, in his left foot. After overcoming his injury, he was determined to find a solution to ensure that he could continue his active lifestyle without risk of another injury.

Operating its own research and development lab, Hurdle can experiment with new ideas and techniques and has, it says, some of the best talent in the circular knitting and mechanical engineering industries. The footwear line was co-founded by Tosha Hays, former SPANX Executive and Dorian Lockett.

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