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3rd July 2012, Paris

Hyosung celebrates 20 years of creora


Hyosung will use next weekend’s Paris Mode City & Interfilière to celebrate 20 years of its creora spandex/elastane and to unveil its Creora 2014 Swim Trends with highclo elastane.

Hyosung first developed its own process for manufacturing spandex in 1992 and in 20 years, claims to have grown to be the largest spandex producer in the world with plants in Korea, China, Vietnam, Turkey and Brazil.

Hyosung has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in new capacity, new products, marketing, trends, and business development workshops globally.

In Paris, Hyosung will promote new creora dyeable, engineered in a proprietary way to absorb dyestuff for superior colourfastness and creora highclo, super chlorine resistant spandex/elastane. In addition the company will preview trends for 2014 and invite customers for customized product development workshops.

“We believe that demand for spandex will continue to grow across the world and we have in place a structured investment programme which will enable us to offer continuous product innovation together with the highest quality through our state of the art, patented manufacturing processes to enable our customers to grow and thrive,” said President Yun-Eun Whang of Hyosung’s Spandex Performance Unit.

Hyosung Corporation is one of Korea’s leading multinational conglomerates, with annual worldwide sales of more than $8.7 billion. Hyosung maintains a global network of more than 73 subsidiaries and international branch offices around the globe.

The company operates in seven performance groups: Textiles, Industrial Materials, Chemicals, Power & Industrial Systems, Construction, Trading and Information & Communication.

Further reading

Creora 2014 Swim Trends with highclo elastane

Interfilière details

Hyosung at Interfilière Paris, July 7-9, Hall 1 - S10-T16

Sitip stand: S34/T35

Sofileta stand: V23




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