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IFKT Congress deemed successful

50th Congress of the International Federation of Knitting Technologists (IFKT) closes at Ulster University in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

8th September 2022

Knitting Industry
 |  Belfast, Northern Ireland

Knitwear, Knitted Outerwear

On Friday 2nd September the 50th Congress of the International Federation of Knitting Technologists (IFKT) closed and was deemed a great success. The Zurich headquartered organisation also announced that the next congress would be held in Canada in 2024.

The event was held at Ulster University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, and hosted key IFKT members from Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Canada and USA.

Leading the event were: Alison Guilt, IFKT President Ireland, and Professor of Knitwear Fashion and design technology in Ulster University of Belfast; International Secretary Prof. Dr. Marcus.O. Weber; Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Mutschler; Julia Klausmannand and Prisca Holderied from Hochschule Niederrhein University, Germany; and President of IFKT North America-Hitesh Kumar Sharma.

All attending IFKT members members also visited Ulster University Campus for the judging of the student’s artwork in apparel and fashion technology.

© International Federation of Knitting Technologists

The purpose of the IFKT is to provide professional information and further education for technicians, engineers, product developers, economists and all other professionals in the industry. Technical experts are able to establish cross-border connections in order to promote the common interest of the warp knitting / knitting industry, to further their personal professional training, to exchange experiences with competent technical experts and to find new ways into the future.

The range of topics at the federation’s conferences covers all areas that are important for the production of knitted goods, such as fibres, yarns, knitted and crocheted fabrics, finishing, ready-made garments, quality control and quality assurance, clothing physiology, new developments in machines and products, the broad field of technical textiles, research results and trends in technology and fashion. Special emphasis is placed on visiting several companies or research institutions during these specialist events.

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