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5th September 2008, Dublin

Insight into textile advances driving the automotive industry

Research and Markets (www.researchandmarkets.com ) has announced the addition of the "Textile Advances in the Automotive Industry" report to their offering.

Automotive textiles represent one of the most valuable international markets for technical textiles. Textile advances in the automotive industry provides an in-depth review of the design and development of automotive textiles and the recent advances made in technical textiles for a variety of automotive applications.

Part one discusses issues such as automotive textile requirements from a car producer’s perspective, mapping the automotive textile supply chain, advances in textile fabrics including nonwoven fabrics, and recycling issues. Part two focuses on automotive interiors with chapters on performance and style of interior textiles, materials and design for car seats, and the reduction of interior noise in vehicles. Part three discusses the important safety applications of automotive textiles, including airbags and tyres. Part four concludes by assessing how textiles can be used in automotive bodywork.

With its distinguished editor and a team of contributors from both academia and industry, this book will be an essential reference for a broad spectrum of readers, ranging from scientists, designers, and product development staff to company strategists.

Key Topics Covered:



    * Requirements for automotive textiles - a car producers view

    * Mapping the automotive textiles supply chain

    * Woven and knitted fabrics used in automotive interiors

    * Nonwovens used in automobiles

    * Recycling of automotive textiles

Automotive interiors

    * Design of automotive interior textiles

    * Three-dimensional textiles and nonwovens for polyurethane foam substitution in car seats

    * Physiologically optimized car seats

    * Smart textiles in automotive interiors

    * Reducing noise in automotive interiors

    * Leather and coated textiles in automotive interiors

 Safety applications of automotive textiles

    * Technical developments and market trends in automotive airbags

    * Key technology developments in textiles for use in automotive tires

Use of textiles in automotive bodywork

    * Textile structures for load-bearing applications in automobiles

    * Textiles composites for automotive structural components

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