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Innovation and sustainability drive recovery in Italian hosiery sector

Leading Italian manmade fibres producer Fulgar, and the Castel Goffredo district hosiery makers, take an even greater lead in innovation and sustainability.

12th April 2021

Knitting Industry
 |  Castel Goffredo, (MN), Italy


Technological innovation and sustainability are the crucial qualities driving the economic recovery and our response to the challenges of the future, especially in the textile world, says leading Italian fibres and yarns producer Fulgar.

“Italy’s hosiery sector has not been slow to respond to these challenges. In fact, a focus on sustainable solutions is now more than ever a distinctive feature of its operations,” Fulgar explains. “It is also increasingly sought after by consumers, who have developed, especially during the period of the pandemic, greater awareness of these issues. These changes also involve hosiery, developing at an even faster rate with cutting edge proposals that combine style, functional benefits and respect for the environment.”

The transition towards eco-sustainable fashion and textiles is now irreversible

The trend is confirmed by Alessandro Gallesi, president of Castel Goffredo based ADICI, the Hosiery and Intimate Wear District Association. “The transition towards eco-sustainable fashion and textiles is now irreversible. The global pandemic, with all its implications for changes in lifestyle, behaviour and purchasing choices has generated a more intense awareness among consumers, especially younger ones, who are the main driving force behind corporate growth (in 2020, 63% of consumers chose sustainable products, against 29% in 2019 – research by PwC). Companies looking to the future must take this trend into account when creating their products and their commercial and communications choices. It is set to be increasingly important, starting with the raw material used,” says Mr Galesi.

Massimo Bensi, president of CSC, and owner manger at Calze BC, comments: “In recent years there’s been a lot of talk about green issues and marketing was based only on sustainability without attracting a great deal of interest. Now it’s become a hot topic for everyone. Consumers are looking for these values in the products they buy. Hosiery producers in the district always place an emphasis on innovation, and they have invested a lot of money in new, low environmental impact technology and materials. All companies have included green items developed and produced in our district in their fashion collections.”

Davide Bonassi, Director of the CSC Enterprise Services Centre, issues an invitation, saying: “Our laboratory and our skills are available for the district to support companies in developing increasingly sustainable and environmentally respectful products. Certifying products and processes is an investment that encourages confidence among our commercial partners and end clients.”

Green Solution

Fulgar has taken up the challenge, adding a green emphasis to its research and innovation and making a commitment to sustainability in all stages of its production processes. A world class company specialising in the creation and distribution of manmade fibres for the finest Italian and European fashion brands, Fulgar is a top-level player in Italy’s hosiery district. 

© Fulgar.

Fulgar’s leading role is reflected by an entire eco-sustainable product portfolio that is constantly expanding, including products such as EVO, a bio-based yarn made from castor oil, Q-NOVA, a fibre made from regenerated raw materials and AMNI SOUL ECO, a biodegradable polyamide.

Many Italian and international hosiery brands have already chosen Fulgar’s technologically advanced sustainable yarns. Calzedonia for example, is once again this season renewing its sustainable tights, leggings and socks line by choosing Nylon 6.6 green Q-NOVA by Fulgar, a 100% Made in Italy eco-sustainable polyamide 6.6 yarn obtained from regenerated raw materials. It is Global Recycled Standard (GRS 2015-005 certified by ICEA) and EU Ecolabel certified.

Sarah Borghi, a luxury Italian-made hosiery brand known for cutting-edge style and materials research has also chosen to extend its offer, presenting tights capsule of high quality and superb design, the Green Collection, demonstrating that, “The Italian product can finally also be eco-sustainable.” This is achieved through the use of Amni Soul Eco biodegradable yarn by Fulgar, which combines new-generation sustainable yarns with outstanding comfort and durability. As well as using Amni Soul Eco, Sarah Borghi has already included other Fulgar products like EVO and Q-NOVA in its Green line.

© Fulgar.

Tightings, a contemporary brand launched by the Mantova-based Duelegs Bbf Group, a perfect fusion of latest-generation seamless tights and timeless leggings, has chosen Fulgar’s EVO yarn for its Celeste model, derived from sustainably grown castor oil seeds, and has selected Fulgar’s Q-NOVA fibre for its Ambra model, successfully combining looks, comfort and environmental awareness.

Calzificio Schinelli, an established producer of high-quality Made in Italy hosiery, has also used Q-NOVA recycled fibre by Fulgar its Eco Hoisery line of environmentally aware tights with a contemporary style.

And finaly, Donna BC, a brand that is part of the Mantova-based Calze B.C. group has chosen Q-NOVA and EVO by Fulgar to extend its offer of products using eco-friendly yarns. 

Fulgar’s research always looks to the future, the company says. The intimate link between sustainability and innovation that underpins the company’s work has also led to the introduction of its latest polyamide with antiviral and anti-microbial properties, a crucial priority for the textiles industry in the era of COVID-19.

Fulgar’s Green Solutions

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