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Shima Seiki YarnBank
Shima Seiki YarnBank

9th September 2008, Hong Kong

Interstoff Asia Essential

The Home of Cutting-Edge Textiles

Eco-textiles continue to be the main focus at Interstoff Asia Essential

Suppliers join the fair with different highlights

Concurrent seminar programmes refresh textile trade with latest industry knowledge

To fulfil the role of leading trade fair for eco-textiles, Interstoff Asia Essential Autumn will feature world top eco-experts to explain the thriving market and different standards for eco-friendly fabrics, with a special highlight on organic wool. The show is also proud to present the first eco-Textile labelling booklet at the fairground, providing the textile trade with all-inclusive information about essential eco-certifications worldwide. Interstoff Asia Essential Autumn will be held from 8 - 10 October 2008 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Grand Hall.

Eco-experts to speak about organic wool

The rising demand for organic wool in the eco-apparel market has stirred the need for organic standards in the growing and production process. With a strong focus on eco-textiles, Interstoff Asia Essential has invited key eco-certification experts to give presentations about different standards of organic wool at the autumn 2008 fair.

The Australian Wool Innovation and International Wool Textile Organisation from Belgium will explain the role of organic wool in the ethical fashion market. TM Organics from Australia will analyse different certifications and standards of organic wool. Case studies of Australian organic wool producers will be used to demonstrate how to convert to organic production.

Apart from learning about the growth and production of wool, visitors will be able to see fabrics made with organic wool and other eco-textiles at the special forum 'Eco-textile: Fabrics that care'. All products will be marked with eco-labels, allowing buyers to quickly identify the raw materials, production and finishing process of the fabrics.

Eco-labelling booklet, a complete information source for eco-standards

From autumn 2008 onwards, Interstoff Asia Essential will feature the first eco-labelling booklet, Eco-Textile labelling: A guide for manufacturers, retailers and brands to introduce around 30 of the most important eco standards and certifications worldwide. It serves as a practical, easy to use reference tool for retailers, textile buyers and suppliers who want to know the scopes and procedures to obtain the certifications. This booklet will be available only at the coming Texworld Paris and Interstoff Asia Essential, and will be updated annually.

Key suppliers to highlight different products

Buyers can see famous suppliers of various fibres, fabrics and eco-textiles at the fair. Some of the exhibitors to look for include:

World-leading fibre producer Lenzing will feature nominated fabrics of its worldwide fabric competition including fabrics for eco-fibre blends, sportswear, lingerie and lounge, Warmbiz, shirts & blouse, denim and more. Fair participants are also welcome to register as jury members of the competition at their stand.

Japan's woollen textile producers association, Joint Bishu will exhibit at the show for the first time to promote the brand and their trendy eco-textiles made with paper and bamboo to the Asian markets. Textiles and fibres manufacturer Toray Industries from Japan will mainly feature recycled fabrics at the autumn fair.

Concurrent seminar programmes to bring crucial textile business information

The seminar programme at Interstoff Asia Essential is the best opportunity for the textile trade to refresh their industry knowledge. Specialists from Australia, Belgium, France, Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, The Netherlands and USA will cover topics in design and trends, business strategy and technology. They include:

Design and trends

- Here and There Forecast Presentation Fall/ Winter 2009 / 2010, Doneger Creative Services, USA

- Men's Wear and Casual Wear Fabric Trends for Autumn / Winter 2009 / 2010 and a foresight on Spring / Summer 2010, Italtex S.r.l., Italy

- Trends for Women's Wear and Lingerie for Autumn / Winter 2009 / 2010, Promostyl, France

- PANTONE View Colour Planner - Winter 2009 / 2010: "IMAGINE", Pantone Inc., USA

Business Strategy

- Removing Time, Complexity and Surprises Out of the Textile Supply Chain, DyStar Textile Services Asia Pacific, Singapore

- Converting to Organic Wool Production: Experience of Australian Woolgrowers, TM Organics Pty Ltd, Australia

- Certification, Organic Exchange Blended, Organic Exchange 100, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) version 2.0, Control Union Certifications, The Netherlands

- Is 'Environmental Concern' re-making the way textile items are produced?, Clothing Industry Training Authority, Hong Kong

- Merino Wool - Eco in the Service of Luxury, International Wool Textile Organisation, Belgium

- Communicating compliance and credibility in an eco crowded market: re-launching the Woolmark with eco credentials, Australian Wool Innovation, Australia


- Bluesign Technology, a Holistic Approach?, Bluesign Technology AG, Switzerland

- Taiwan's Green & Ethical Efforts on Functional Textile Innovation, Taiwan Textile Federation, Taiwan

- The Optimum for Chinos, Lenzing Fibre (Hong Kong) Limited, Hong Kong

Seminars are open exclusively to visitors and exhibitors of Interstoff Asia Essential. Due to the popularity of the seminars, pre-booking is advised.  For more information about Interstoff Asia Essential Autumn 2008, see www.interstoff-asia.com or email [email protected]

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