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6th October 2008, Paris

Invista presents Bahar Korn capsule collection at Premie Vision

Lycra brand owner Invista presented Bahar Korçan’s new Capsule Collection at Première Vision in Paris last week to celebrate its relationship with mills in Turkey.  Bahar is a renowned Turkish fashion designer who uses Lycra fibre innovations from leading mills to create beautiful garments. Invista says that Bahar’s new collection is perfect to showcase the benefits of the Lycra fibre brand.

An award winning designer, Bahar Korçan is well-known for her international collections and has her own fashion brand in Turkey.  She is the first and only fashion stylist to be a member of the executive board of Turkish Clothing Manufacturers’ Association and is the chairman of the Fashion Design Association. 

Bahar is passionate about nature and the cycle of life which inspires her collections.  Her vision is to design garments that interpret the changes the world goes through and highlight the impact of humans.  Her collection is full of colours with hidden meanings, such as greens which symbolise hope and deep blacks that show pessimism in the world.  Geometric accessories and frock coats are used for decoration transforming the garments into a fun and retro look.

The fashion world is ever changing, with new trends and fabrics giving consumers more choice. Bahar’s designs are fashion forward and bring to life the benefits of the Lycra fibre portfolio which include comfort, style and fit throughout her collection.

One of the Invista innovations Bahar uses in her collections is Lycra Black fibre, which gives the garments long-lasting and darker colour that resists fading after washing.  Invista says that consumers can wear their favourite item of clothing longer and because Lycra fibre has stretch and recovery benefits, it will retain its shape too.  Bahar also uses T400 fibre for its cool comfort and relaxed stretch benefits as well as Lycra Xtra Fine Collection fibre which creates lightweight garments that are well fitted. 

Bahar creates garments that can be worn across all seasons, designed to represent the wearers’ decision to be environmentally friendly.  According to Invista, the added Lycra fibre in the designs means that the garment will stay looking new for longer so the wearer can resist the urge to buy new, similar wardrobe essentials. 

Scott Blackadar, Global Segment Director for Ready-to-Wear at Invista said, “We are thrilled to be working with such a popular Turkish designer and we are excited to showcase the Lycra brand through her collection.  Bahar uses local mills that produce Lycra fibre and creates garments that are sustainable which is fully supported by Invista.”  

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