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Flat Knitting

ITA invests in Stoll ADF technology

German textiles research centre invests in next generation flat knitting technology.

12th March 2021

Knitting Industry
 |  Aachen, Germany

Technical Textiles

A new Stoll CMS ADF 32 W next generation flat knitting machine has been installed at the ITA Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA), RWTH Aachen University in Germany for advanced textiles research and development.

“Within the department of Fabric Production at ITA we will exploit the advantages of the flat knitting technology by digitalizing the product development, increasing the productivity and creating new types of textile products through the processing and integration of new types of fibres (e.g., bio-based, Polymer Optical Fibers, metal) into the knitted fabric,” ITA announced on social media yesterday.

“If you are interested in our research and development, please do not hesitate to contact Henning Löcken, Leon Reinsch or Isa Bettermann and Christoph Peiner,” ITA added.

“Are you generally interested in innovations and textile development? Stay up to date on Texspace:,” the institute said.

Flexibility, quality, and efficiency are very important factors in selecting a high-performance flat knitting machine and Stoll goes a step further and brings innovation with the new ADF generation.

ADF means ‘Autarkic Direct Feed’, and it aims to give the user complete freedom in design and production. The yarn carriers are independent of the carriage and can move both horizontally and vertically. Thanks to this innovative yarn carrier technology, Stoll says, this machine creates – together with a variety of knitting techniques – almost endless possibilities for pattern and colour combinations.

The ADF generation combines these innovations with all the advantages of different machine generations and yarn carrier techniques into one unique, high-performance, high-quality, efficient, flat knitting machine.

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