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13th January 2015, Obertshausen

Karl Mayer Academy sums up the year

Last year the instructors were able to train over 80 knitting operatives on tour. © Karl Mayer Karl Mayer Academy, the leading training centre based in Obertshausen that offers a multifaceted training programme, has summed up the successful 2014, a year during which more than 200 specialists were trained in Germany alone.

According to instructor Robert Kuna, there has been a growing demand for the course from South America, where an upturn is expected to be seen in the near future, which is one of the things that make the past year remarkable.

Miguel Andres, an experienced Spanish speaking specialist working in the course tutor team, provides support for those, who have come from the southern part of the American continent to take part in the course.

International presence

The list of the participating countries in the past year is headed by Turkey and India. In some countries, such as the USA and Mexico, customers make use of the local Karl Mayer Academy facilities.

Last year the instructors were able to train over 80 knitting operatives on tour. In January 2015 Robert Kuna will take his course to Vietnam.

The instructor is also looking forward to the arrival of the new HKS 4 EL high performance tricot machine, initially being lent to Karl Mayer Academy China for one course series. The course, taking place at the firm’s own training centre in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, throughout 2014, ended successfully.

Training on electronic patterning mechanism

The first training on the electronic patterning mechanism using the HKS 4 EL will be given between December 2014 and February 2015. This course will give Karl Mayer customers the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the performance features and ways of operating the electronic guide bar control system.

The course is aimed at designers, product developers and production planners, who already have machines with EL control systems, in order to enable them to recognise and utilise the potential of their production equipment better.

However, the course is also aimed at newcomers to the sector. The main emphasis of the course will be on the electronic control system in practice, on the HKS 4 EL, the KAMCOS system, the ProCad warp knit software for creating a wide range of designs, and the design facilities of the EL control system.

Lace machines

The other course celebrated its premiere in November and dealt with clip strings for lace machines. The course is accompanied by the appearance on the market of Karl Mayer’s flexible yarn guide.

It gives details of the system’s advantages in the day-to-day production of the lace manufacturer and offers trainees the opportunity to practise loading the strings with yarn guides using the clip process on the setting bench specifically developed for this. The course lasts two to three days.

Features of the course include an explanation of the setting diagram and creation of examples, and mode of operation of the setting bench and placing of the yarn guides in accordance with the setting diagram. In addition, the trainees will practice changing the string bars on a lace machine.


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