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Shima Seiki
Shima Seiki

20th March 2008

Karl Mayer Academy

We aim to offer our clients comprehensive training opportunities as part of our package of services. Since 1960, KARL MAYER has been running training and study programmes for its clients and employees.

On 01.01.2006, the KARL MAYER Academy was initiated – a perfect concept, based on many years of successful, practical training.

The training courses have been completely revised and, from 2006 onwards, they will be available in blocks of courses lasting from one to four weeks. The courses, which will be held in German and English, cover theoretical principles, with the emphasis on textile technology, fabric information, fault detection and analysis, as well as practical training on state-of-the-art production machines.

The courses are arranged as follows and cover the following main topics:

- Introduction to the principles of warp knitting (WKB)

- Advanced course for Warp knitting machines (WKS)

- Fabric analysis (WKA)

- Advanced course for Multibar-Raschel maschines (WKM)

- Advanced course for Double-needle bar Raschel machines (WKD) *NEW

Furthermore, KARL MAYER offers a modular training concept for the new KAMCOS® technology:

- KAMCOS® - Technology training

We also run a special training programme for our warping machine clients

- customer training on warping machines

Each participant can select their own training programme from the topics covered in the various courses, on the basis of their existing knowledge and what they hope to achieve. Different blocks of courses can also be combined, which increases the flexibility and intensity of the training.

The course directors have many years of teaching experience and have an in-depth, technical knowledge of the machines.

Participants can also take part in courses on specialised topics after discussion with the relevant KARL MAYER technical department.


If you are interested in our training courses, apply to the KARL MAYER Academy

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