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Warp Knitting/​Crochet

Karl Mayer launches widest tricot machine available

The HKS 3-M, 280", is the widest tricot machine available on the global market, according to the manufacturer.

29th May 2018

Knitting Industry
 |  Obertshausen

Sports/​Activewear, Household, Technical Textiles

Leading warp knitting machinery builder Karl Mayer has extended its successful model in the HKS machine series, the HKS 3-M, by including a version having a wider working width. To complement the current machines having widths of 186" and 218", a version having a width of 280" is now available.

The HKS 3-M, 280", is the widest tricot machine available on the global market, and its wider width delivers greater productivity and flexibility, according to the manufacturer. Like all the HKS three-bar machines, it targets a wide variety of end-uses, from car interiors, through furniture and sportswear, to coating/backing substrates and advertising media. Fabrics processed with different widths can now be produced on one machine instead of two, which used to be the case.

“The simultaneous production of webs can also be increased by a factor of one, i.e. two webs can be produced on a 186"-wide machine compared to three webs on a 280"-wide machine, and three webs can be produced on a 218"-wide machine as opposed to four on the new machine,” the company explains. “The finished fabric is wound using standard batching unit no. 6 when using the normal-width, high-speed machines, whereas the new batching unit no. 51A is used with the new machine. Batching unit no. 51A winds the fabric on friction rollers, which are driven by the fabric take-up unit.”

Proven performance

As well as its new features, the HKS 3-M also offers all the usual features. For example, this high-speed tricot machine operates with a 3 x 32" beam mounting arrangement as standard. A mounting configuration with a diameter of 40" for beam position GB 1, and 32" each for beam positions GB 2 and GB 3, is available as an option. Just like the machines having a smaller working width, the HKS 3-M, 280", is available in the gauges of E 28 and E 32.

It can be equipped with the new Kamcos 2 efficient computer platform, the LEO Low Energy Option for energy-efficient running, and a camera monitoring system above or below the web. A face plate under the textile web for monitoring transparent fabrics is also available as an option. The knitting motions and elements are the same as on the existing machines. This machine can be supervised easily and operates steadily and reliably with low maintenance requirements. It is also extremely efficient, operating at a maximum speed of 2,200 min-1.

This extra-wide machine has just been launched onto the market, but a number of modifications are already on the agenda, the company adds. The developers and engineers at Karl Mayer are currently working on a three-bar, high-speed tricot machine with an intermediate width of 238" - with the possibility of extending this by 10".

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