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16th December 2015, Schramberg

Kern-Liebers Textile expands portfolio of combs, pin strips, and pinning systems

German manufacturer Kern-Liebers Textile is now substantially expanding its portfolio in the area of combs and pin strips that are among the critical parts in many machines along the textile process from fibre to yarn.

In addition to the well-established top combs and circular combs for cotton and wool spinning machines, the company is now also offering a comprehensive portfolio of pinning systems for the spinning preparation of long staple fibre.


Kern-Liebers took over the pin production machines from Drei-S-Werk and integrated them into their own production facilities in Schwabach.

Kern-Liebers Textile’s portfolio of parts for the textile industry includes combs, pin strips, pinning systems, and many other parts. © Kern-Liebers Textile

The expansion of the production facilities is said to offer an ideal combination with the existing know-how in the production of various machine parts, like combs and pin strips, the company reports. Combs, pin strips, pinned systems and all other parts from Kern-Liebers Textile are available for different machines from various manufacturers.

With its range of products, the company serves customers that include machine manufacturers, as well as textile manufacturers. Worldwide sales and support is guaranteed through the international network of subsidiaries and representations covering all major textile markets around the globe, the company reports.

Kern-Liebers Textile

Established as a dedicated business unit in 1999, Kern- Liebers Textiles has since then grown continuously. The acquisition of Saxonia Textile Parts, the Bavarian needle plate manufacturer Paul Leistner and Sächsische Nadel- und Platinenfabriken laid the foundation for the companies' subsequent steep growth, a development complemented by the acquisition of the German needle manufacturer Haase and Kühn.

Under the umbrella brand Kern-Liebers Textiles, the company says it has created a corporate network that is capable of meeting the widest range of requirements within the textile industry. The company offers a complete range of needles, components for weft and warp knitting machines. The company also offers a range of products for stenter frames and combing machines.

The complete Kern-Liebers range of products includes more than 55,000 different needles and sinkers making it one of the world's leading providers in terms of both quality and the range of products.


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