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22nd September 2008, Dhaka

Knit + TEX Bangladesh 2008 is timely for growing knitwear sector

28 – 30 November 2008, China Friendship Conference Centre, Dhaka - Bangladesh

With exports of knitwear from Bangladesh reaching new heights, KNIT+TEX Bangladesh 2008 International Expo organized by CEMS INDIA, CEMS USA and BKMEA (Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers & Exporters Association) is well timed. Total investments in the sector reached US$ 2 billion recently and the show will be a good opportunity for machine builders to promote their goods and services in Bangladesh.

Knit+TEX Bangladesh 2008 is an arm of the successful Textech series of exhibitions organized in Bangladesh by CEMS USA which is well established and one of the oldest textile, garment technology and machinery exhibitions in the country.

According to the organisers, Knit+TEX will give a perfect one-stop solution to visitors and will act as a platform for exhibitors to interact directly with the buyers and importers spanning the entire knitting industries of Bangladesh.

Overview of Bangladesh knitting industry

Bangladeshi knitwear is exported to over 100 countries of the world and has passed the target of US$ 5.5 billion mark in its exports this fiscal year. Bangladesh is now the number three exporter of knitwear to the EU countries after China and Turkey and is gaining momentum due to its self-sufficiency and competitive workforce and strength in backward linkage.

Over a period of time the knitwear sector has gradually become almost self sufficient in fabric and yarn and this improvement has become possible because of the integrated growth of spinning factories in line with the growth of country's stitching capacity and increased need for yarn and fabrics.

As the exports have increased in the knitwear sector, the capacity of backward linkage has also gradually increased accordingly. The result is that local suppliers can provide 90% of the total fabric requirement of the sector. The growth of spinning mills has also been in step with the growth of knitwear exports. In 1993-94 the total number of spindles was 1.38 million that supplied 10.70 million Kg of yarn. In 2003-04 the number almost tripled to 3.77 million, which supply 239.00 million Kg of yarn. To date, the total investment in the backward linkage industry is more than US$ 2.00 billion. Bangladesh’s knitwear industry is growing at over 15% per annum.

Knit+TEX Bangladesh 2008 will focus on targeting visitors from the knitting Industries of Bangladesh. Expected visitors are top management executives, CEO’s  and operations / production managers, merchandisers, technical personnel, manufacturers, exporters, importers and traders from all sectors of the knit industries.

Classification of Exhibits

Knitting and hosiery machinery, auxiliary machinery and accessories

Embroidery and braiding machinery and accessories

Dyeing, printing, bleaching, washing and make-up machinery

Processing machinery and accessories for making-up industry

Sewing machinery for the knitting industry

Laboratory testing and measuring equipment and accessories

Packing equipment and accessories

Equipment for waste reduction, pollution prevention and recycling, accessories

Dyes & Chemicals for the knitting industry

Software for design, data monitoring, processing and integrated production

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