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Polartec joins fashion elite at Premiere Vision

The global trade show for fashion professionals is a major opportunity for the American company to champion 'tech casual'.

14th August 2018

Knitting Industry
 |  Andover, MA


“The progression of performance fabrics from activewear to athleisure has reached the next stage of evolution – defined as tech casual,” said Polartec CEO Gary Smith. “Changes brought about by consumer behaviour has led to Polartec taking a fresh approach to product development. Millennials in particular have an expectation from technology which no other generation has ever had.”

“We need to build the technology the consumer expects into the fabric. At the same time the fashion component has to be there – it’s expected. Today’s consumer wants performance apparel that doesn’t look like performance apparel.”

Polartec believes fabrics need to be enabled so they perform to our expectations without any comfort or fashion sacrificed. “Whether fashion designers want to design garments to keep the wearer safe, dry, cool or warm, Polartec has the answer. That’s because of our willingness to work with designers in a collaborative process to create bespoke solutions that offer high performance together with style,” continued Smith.

Polartec is a leading technical fabric design and manufacturing company. As the inventor of fleece fabric back in 1981, the company understands the impact innovation can have on the industry. Now Polartec has a portfolio of more than 300 state-of-the-art different fabrics each offering their own unique capabilities.

At Premiere Vision, the company joins hundreds of other brands and manufacturers from six major industries – yarns, fabrics, leather, design, accessories and manufacturing – to showcase its advanced performance textiles.

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