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Shima Seiki YarnBank
Shima Seiki YarnBank

21st January 2020, Munich

Naturally Advanced Evolution for Tintex in Munich

Balance Shirt by Hanro with Tintex fabric. © Tintex.Thanks to its renowned expertise, premium collaborations with some of the most influential fashion brands and an array of international awards, Jersey manufacturer Tintex has established itself as a global leader in innovation. The commitment to support brands in creating responsible collections is interwoven into his motto Naturally Advanced.

At Munich Fabric Start the company will present its S/S 2021 collection and a new strategic approach to make the world a better place, a garment at a time. “That’s why we decided to update our statement-motto in Naturally Advanced Evolution: a promise and an invitation to work together to develop further collections combining an environment-driven approach with cutting-edge technology.” Says Ricardo Silva, Head of Operations of Tintex.

“Textile producers and fashion brands should develop their partnership in a much more collaborative way.”

In a move towards its partners, the company has reorganised its products collection into four distinct categories and further evolved its production process in order to guarantee the highest quality and performance of its fabrics and, at the same time, to become more competitive and to allow its clients to orientate better and easily find the most suitable and practical solution.

Collection focuses on seasonal proposals while Expressions includes a range for all-year- round collections. The Projects experimental category comprises cutting-edge research designs that haven’t reached the market yet and are able to inspire out-of-the-box collections. Essentials is the solid base of Tintex’ world; it features all the most successful basic items – ready to order and deliver.

As a demonstration of the positive collaborations with brands that are already ongoing, Tintex shares the unique stories of:


The Balance Shirt is made of 100% Tencel fabric by Tintex enriched by the premium Naturally Clean finishing and thereby the basic shirt for everyday wear – it is high-quality, functional and has a relaxed, comfortable fit. “These days, consumers are looking for versatile clothing that you can wear from desk to the gym,” explains Claudia Brugger Product manager Hanro International. The understated Balance Shirt by HANRO puts the focus on the basic, quality lyocell fabric, which ensures a soft drape and a subtle sheen.

J.Lindeberg t-shirt made with Tintex fabric. © Tintex.J. Lindeberg

J.Lindeberg was created around Johan Lindeberg’s vision of a modern lifestyle brand, built on progressive values, combining fashion and sport in a ground breaking way. Today Lindeberg offers versatile products designed for an active life always finding new ways of doing things; new materials, new design and new technologies. Focus is on details, fit and execution. The brand selects smart cotton knits by Tintex in pure versions or in blend with Tencel or recycled polyester.


Founded in 2008 by Abe Burmeister and Tyler Clemens, Outlier makes hardcore, performance-driven clothing that empowers the wearer to do more while owning less. The brand selected 100% smart cotton options by Tintex to develop an experimental, box cut, heavyweight t-shirt unlike any other. At 8oz it’s very heavy for a tee, but thick cotton yarns knit at a low-gauge give the fabric a stand-off-the- body structure and hidden openness for wide ranging comfort. The t-shirt is enriched by a GOTS certified 100% Organic cotton rib for the neck.

SS 2021 Collection

The SS 2021 Collection is imbued with sustainability, innovation and a collaborative attitude. The new range comprises 24 new references built focusing on responsible materials, including recycled or recyclable (100% same raw material), tactile finishes and active performances with smart and cutting-edge technical background.

Outlier heavyweight t-shirt made with Tintex fabric. © Tintex.“The main area we developed for the S/S 2021 collection was carefully selected starting from the inputs we had from our partners during some of the most successful collaborations in the past 2 years,” adds Ana Eusebio, designer.

“S/S 2021 is all about NOW and NO WASTE. The key values of the improved production process have not been compromised: no season, no gender, upcycling and monochromatic.” Facts and figures? 25% of upcycling or reused stock materials, 33% optimization – e.g. substitution of conventional ingredients with more sustainable ones – and 42% of new articles.

Special focus of this season is:

  • Texloop by Circular Systems: TexloopTis an innovative processing system that converts pre and post-consumer 100% cotton and cotton blend textile waste into recycled fibre, yarns and fabrics.
  • Supreme Green Cotton by Varvaressos: the new generation of smart cotton that saves up to 40% of water, born from an innovative and socially-responsible system granting sustainability from the cotton seed to the garment while supporting farmers and businesses at the foot of Mount Olympus.

A pioneering satellite-powered drip irrigation system, made in Europe and a set of influential eco-certifications that grant 100% traceable products and attest corporate responsibility.

“At Tintex we believe that being a market leader is not a status, not a label or a throne, but a responsibility. The responsibility to innovate and to collaborate with designers, brands and other key players to give what consumers are asking out loud: sustainable fashion,” concludes Mr. Silva.

Tintex is a leading jersey manufacturer injecting ‘smart innovation’ in the fashion collections of world’s leading fashion brands. Faithful to the motto Naturally Advanced Evolution, the company brings forward a vision combining sustainability and technology as proved by influential certifications including Step and Bluesign. The company has joined internationally renowned platforms and programs like C.L.A.S.S. ecohub and Make Fashion Circular Make Fashion Circular initiative by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Tintex is a Participant of the United Nations Global Compact and adheres to its principles-based approach to responsible business.

Visit Tintex at Munich Fabric Start, from 4-6 February at Booth H3 | D 22.


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