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11th July 2017, Milan

Protecting the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre

With strong ties to the Made-in-Italy identity of its Sensitive Fabrics, Eurojersey's collaboration with WWF Italy has inaugurated a new stage in the SensitivEcoSystem programme with the symbolic adoption of the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre set up in the WWF Oasis of Policoro in the province of Matera.

The Mediterranean Initiative by WWF Italia aims to protect the Mediterranean Sea, where a great variety of environments, animals, cultures and peoples generate a delicate system of interlaced cultures and biodiversity, whose equilibrium is often threatened by human activities, such as overfishing and pollution, with devastating consequences on the marine ecosystem. Eurojersey says it stands by WWF Italia in its endeavours to realise conservation and awareness-raising projects in the Mediterranean area.

The Mediterranean Initiative by WWF Italia aims to protect the Mediterranean Sea. © Eurojersey

The three-year partnership sees Eurojersey take action to support WWF Italia with its conservation and awareness-raising projects dedicated to the marine ecosystem and the protection of endangered species in the Mediterranean area.

WWF Oasis

The Oasis extends over an area of ca 21 hectares inside the Regional Natural Reserve, and includes one of the last remaining coastal flooded forests in our Country. The Oasis hosts one of the Sea Turtle Rescue Centres established by the WWF, providing shelter for many turtles that get tangled in fishing nets or are injured by boats. Rescued at sea by fishermen and harbour patrols, the turtles are treated by the staff of the Centre until these animals, which have become a symbol of the Mediterranean, are ready to return to their habitat.

The WWF has been working for many years for the protection of sea turtles. With a special focus on safeguarding and monitoring sea turtle nesting grounds, rescuing and treating injured animals and returning them to the sea, raising the awareness of local institutions and have them participate in the efforts for safeguarding this extraordinary animal.

“Among the many initiatives undertaken by the WWF Oasis of Policoro, besides the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre, we should mention environmental education programmes for young people. The WWF firmly believes that change can only be brought about by educating the new generations and Nature is an extraordinary open-air laboratory,” the organisation reports.

Educational programmes

The educational programmes implemented by the WWF at the Oasis of Policoro are characterised by meetings face-to-face, on site excursions, teaching laboratories and school camps. In the summer, the young participants have an opportunity to undertake a journey to the discovery of marine biology and participate in the monitoring and treatment of the sea turtles, on the beach and at the Rescue Centre in the Oasis.

The protection of the Mediterranean Sea calls for the participation of the new generations: this is the reason why this year Eurojersey decided to support the activities of the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre in the WWF Oasis of Policoro, not only a “hospital” where sea turtles are treated, but also a place where young people can get to know the sea and become more and more committed to its protection.


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