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Flat Knitting

Knitwear Lab develops sustainable 3D knitted face masks

The Almere, Netherlands based company says that its masks are actually nice to wear, are washable, re-usable and anti-bacterial...

23rd June 2020

Knitting Industry
 |  Almere, Netherlands


© Knitwear Lab.

Creative knitwear designer and maker Knitwear Lab reports it has “created a unique, sustainable knitted face mask, that is knitted in one piece and produced with zero waste.” The Almere, Netherlands based company says that its masks are actually nice to wear, are washable, re-usable and anti-bacterial. The 3D knitted face masks are said to “fit perfectly around each face” ensuring comfort.

“Our face mask provides basic protection by reducing droplet transmission while talking, coughing and sneezing and prevents touching your nose and mouth. This is a non-certified mask which does not fully protect you against viruses,” the company explains.

The masks are designed, developed and produced at Knitwear Lab in the Netherlands and are available in sizes S, M and L. Masks are composed of 55% Cotton, 30% PA 6.6 with antimicrobial zinc, 9% PA 6 and 6% Elastane.

© Knitwear Lab.

© Knitwear Lab.

The outside layer is made from a GRS and Oeko-tex Standard 100 certified cotton of Marchi & Fildi. The inside layer is made from Timbrelle Silktouch Performanz from TWD Fibres, which is certified for its antibacterial and odour neutralizing effects and its soft touch gives a pleasant feel to the skin. The actual composition is PA6.6 with antimicrobial zinc.

Knitwear Lab was founded by Thijs Verhaar and Cherish Brouwer and describes itself as follows: “Knitwear Lab is driven by its love for industrial knitwear. In our Lab we develop stitches, knit designs, design collections and take care of productions. Our design team helps you on a strategic level to integrate knits into your collection.”

“Our team consists of professional knitwear designers who are skilled to program with the Stoll M1plus software and operate the industrial knitting machines to make the best possible stitches, swatches and prototypes. Together, we create the best possible strategic concept for knitwear in the collections and we assist in making mood boards and presentations. As production professionals we supply you with internationally comprehensible tech packs.”

“Our Lab is a specialised workspace for manufacturing knitwear. Here we design and explore the endless possibilities. We have three industrial knitting machines; two Stoll CMS 530 OKC/HP and one Stoll CMS ADF 16BW. We have developed a wide range of knitwear and build up a swatch library to show and inspire our customers. We have the latest yarn collection books in house, and we are connected with yarn suppliers that can provide us with the right yarn best suited for the product that need to be developed.”

“In our Lab we develop the small exclusive productions for our customers. For bigger productions we cooperate with our partner in Istanbul, Turkey. We take care of your quality control and lead times. With our experience in the industry and extended network we make sure your production will be successfully completed.”

Centre of knowledge

Knitwear Lab is also an established centre of knowledge for knitwear. The company shares its knowledge with ‘anyone who has the passion to learn about knitwear’. Knitwear Lab runs one-day workshops for professionals and offers extended workshops on industrial knitting and design. It also develops custom made courses with its customers to tackle specific problems that may surface in knitwear.

© Knitwear Lab.

© Knitwear Lab.

Knitwear Lab’s Summer School is the place to learn all you need to know for designing industrial knitwear, the company says “In this 10-day course you will be introduced to the M1plus pattern software and work on Stoll flatbed knitting machines in our own Knitwear Lab in Almere (close to Amsterdam). You'll learn the ins and outs of knitwear so you can be a better designer, grow into a better knitter or communicate in depth with your knitwear supplier or programmer to develop the knitwear you want,” Knitwear Lab concludes.

How to buy Knitwear Lab’s sustainable face masks

To buy Knitwear Lab’s sustainable face masks, please follow this link -

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