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Shima Seiki YarnBank
Shima Seiki YarnBank

14th August 2018, Hong Kong

Cobalt Fashion opens new Innovation Lab

Cobalt is made up of four knitwear divisions serving brands and retailers across a wide range of market segments from mass market to premium. Cobalt Fashion, a leading knitwear group, has unveiled its new CS Innovation Lab at its headquarters in Hong Kong. A joint venture between the Fung Group and South Ocean Knitters, Cobalt combines the operations and resources of the two knitwear businesses to form one of the largest and most innovative knitwear suppliers globally, the company reports.

Cobalt is made up of four knitwear divisions serving brands and retailers across a wide range of market segments from mass market to premium. The launch of the CS Innovation Lab coincides with the unveiling of Cobalt Centre, the company’s newly renovated office space which includes both the Innovation Lab, as well as Design Hub.

The CS Innovation Lab is a collaboration between Cobalt and innovation partner Shima Seiki, a leading Japanese computerised flat knitting machinery manufacturer. The Lab will allow the two partners to collaborate more closely on areas including advancing 3D and virtual design capabilities and driving efficiency gains in the design-to-production part of the supply chain.

Joining forces

“I’m thrilled to open the doors to our new CS Innovation Lab. Cobalt is innovation-led and the Lab enables us to discover the ideas, technologies and solutions to produce better materials and knitwear for our customers,” said Leung Wai Ping, CEO of Cobalt Fashion.

“Since joining forces with South Ocean last year, we have built a world-class knitwear company with design and production capabilities to supply the best global brands and retailers. In Shima Seiki, we have now found a strong technology partner. The Lab is an exciting next step in our journey to innovate and redefine the knitwear industry with cutting-edge knitwear technology.”

Driving innovation

The partnership leverages Cobalt’s market intelligence, sourcing capabilities and extensive knowledge in knitwear and yarn along with Shima Seiki’s advanced knitting technology. The Lab will carry out highly specialised R&D and develop innovative technology and solutions to deliver quicker, more accurate solutions that address fast-changing market trends and needs, creating a win-win situation for everyone along the supply chain. Cobalt’s Design Hub and state-of-the-art Innovation Lab will service all the divisions under Cobalt Fashion.

“The CS Innovation Lab represents our passion and commitment to be innovation-led in how we deliver value to our brand and retail customers,” said Silas Chou, President and CEO of Novel Holdings Limited, the parent company of South Ocean.

“Cobalt Fashion was formed on the foundation of a tremendous amount of synergy and the driving force behind that has always been a shared goal to drive innovation in knitwear that would benefit our customers and the overall knitwear and fashion industry - I’m very excited about the new ideas and opportunities that will come from this collaboration.”


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